Female construction crews builds homes for charity

With her work on the newly-built 51st house by Union County Habitat for Humanity benefiting our soldiers, Marine Corps veteran Renee Annette, of Colts Neck, didn’t just get her hands dirty digging and drilling in a Habitat for Humanity community revitalization project. She volunteered her time, talent and talent to design and construct custom home exteriors for a record- breaking number of luxury homes – breaking a three-year-old Habitat for Humanity record. Renee Annette, 24 Hour Hackathon Team coordinator of the Union County Habitat for Humanity All Star Team dedicated her efforts to one of the most challenging projects for a 26-hour team challenge in the history of home building. Annette was integral in the design process of the recent 1,131-home housing project.

The news was made by Pennsylvania native and Habitat for Humanity CEO, Sondra Goodman. She spent her afternoon celebrating with teams throughout the region as they readied themselves for the challenge they were about to face. Renee Annette was the only Team NJ member on Team All Star Team. Habitat for Humanity hopes that Annette’s involvement will encourage women to further pursue a career in construction. “We strive to make communities stronger with the help of our volunteers. We were pleased to be the first non-profit organization in the state to make such a significant impact on its own neighborhood by engaging young, talented, experienced and enthusiastic volunteers,” said Annette. “Habitat for Humanity truly values the women who choose to serve and show their commitment to improving their communities. Through its Annual Celebration and Team Challenge, it allows for our teams to remain engaged with their community.” Team members from California, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, and West Virginia donated their time, talent and enthusiasm to one of the largest all-star construction challenges in the history of the organization. “Our All Star Team volunteers – local and national – have taken a chance to become something bigger than themselves,” said Denise Sauer, co-coordinator of the all-star construction challenge. “No matter what the distance of any family through life – a task, a personal challenge or simply some new perspective – every family learns a little something about themselves. It’s a rewarding experience to see everyone involved become family and join together in that effort.” Renee Annette was one of the Union County Habitat for Humanity staff, volunteers and contractors who helped build the 51st house in the community that benefits the company, its partner families and the United Service Organizations, of which Habitat for Humanity is a recipient. The remaining houses built by the Union County Habitat for Humanity “All Star Team” will be ready for more families to move into soon. With an average of 75 homes being built throughout Union County each year, no family will be left out. The single largest residential nonprofit builder in New Jersey, Union County Habitat for Humanity has teamed up with more than 160 local businesses and volunteers and organized the construction in a way that doesn’t limit their clients in terms of quality or cost, for things like imported commercial tile. Since 1982, the institution has contributed to the construction of more than 100 new homes for low income people in Union County.

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