January 16, 2021
diy home repair tips

Fixit Clinic Moves Online to Promote Sustainability and Cut Costs Through DIY Repairs

Right now, many Americans are being forced to figure out how to fix their own appliances and household issues themselves in a way that they didn’t necessarily have to before. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was fairly easy to have home repairs taken care of by professionals, whether the issue had to do with […]

DIY Home Repair: Advanced Edition

Homeowners undertake home repairs and renovations for many reasons. Replacing outdated systems, repairing longstanding problems, or installing new technology can increase both the value of the home and the homeowner’s enjoyment of it. As you gain more confidence in your home repair and renovation skills, you might want to undertake more complicated projects. Here are […]

Female construction crews builds homes for charity

With her work on the newly-built 51st house by Union County Habitat for Humanity benefiting our soldiers, Marine Corps veteran Renee Annette, of Colts Neck, didn’t just get her hands dirty digging and drilling in a Habitat for Humanity community revitalization project. She volunteered her time, talent and talent to design and construct custom home […]

Winter Saving Tips: How to Save Money & Your Home This Winter

Winter, depending on how you look at it, is either one of the best or worst seasons of the year. Even if you happen to live in a place where it doesn’t snow or hail freezing rain, the chances are more likely than not that the sun disappears and cold conditions prevail. Cloudy days and […]