15 Car and Home Projects for the Pros

Nowadays, the internet can provide a plethora of information to allow someone to do things by themselves, including learning a new hobby, going to online classes, and even doing house repairs by themselves. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to repair damage to your assets by yourself. After all, the longer you leave damage in your car or home, the worse off it will become. What’s worse, if you allow damage to remain untreated, it can eventually spread to the whole home. This might be why an astonishing 35% of remodeling jobs involve the entire home, also known as whole home renovations.

What Is DIY?

DIY stands for do-it-yourself, and can be an enjoyable project to get involved in. Do-it-yourself projects can allow you to grow your skills and confidence when undertaking any project, including fixing up your car or home. It’s also a great way to save money as opposed to spending on professional repair services for your home or vehicle. Do-it-yourself projects can also be a great teaching method to your children or anyone else who lives in your home or is set to inherit your vehicle. When you do projects alone, you have to remember to keep safety in mind, as well as not overspend and mess up your budget doing repair services that seem simple, but in reality, are fairly complex. Several factors like your time, budget, physical well-being, and knowledge overall should be considered if you decided to do a project on your own.

When to Hire the Pros

We know that do-it-yourself projects are fun, but does that mean that every home renovation or maintenance project should be done on your own? It depends. If you’re a trained car mechanic, building contractor who does contracting for a living, or a roof repairman, you might be able to handle big projects skillfully. Unfortunately, if you’re like the average American, chances are you don’t have the skills or knowledge to do a big renovation or auto-repair projects, and it would be better to hire professional repair services. This isn’t a bad thing, either.

professional repair services

Leaving projects to the pros can allow you to not spend so much time out of your day preparing and finishing for a project. It can also allow you to know about any other issues your home or car might have that only a trained eye can see. Finally, hiring professional repair services is a sure way to know your assets will be fully repaired, usually with a money-back guarantee. Though it’s nice to want to do DIY projects with the family, these 15 projects below can be beneficial to use professional repair services. Look at reviews and compare prices online, and leave it to the pros to fix up your home and vehicle assets.

1. Painting

Whether you’re painting your home or painting your car, some of the best professional repair services can help make your project even easier. It’s important to understand that painting a car isn’t as simple as painting a home. What’s more, when you paint a home, hard-to-reach areas can pose a safety risk if you don’t have the proper harnesses and ladders. Make sure to reach out to the pros to change the look of your home or car, as painting can make your home or car look refreshed, new, and even add value.

2. Roof Repair

Roofing can be one of the most expensive home renovations that you can work on, with the average price of a total roof replacement costing upwards of $10,000. Because of its high price, it’s important to remember to always maintain your roof when issues arise, such as leaks and cracked tiles. If you want to use additional professional repair services to add things like gutter installation service, this can prove to be beneficial in keeping water out of your foundation as well. Never underestimate the importance of roofing, and seek the help of pros to address any issues as soon as they arise.

3. Pests

We’ve all dealt with the occasional spider, ant, or mosquito invading our home. But, when it becomes a daily occurrence, and you can’t seem to be able to rid your home of these pests, it’s best to get professional services to exterminate these pests as soon as possible. When it comes to pests, not only can they pose a health risk to you and your family, but also your pets. Termites can also cause extensive damage to your foundation and the wood beams in your house. It’s best to hire professionals to deal with these issues.

4. HVAC Maintenance

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, also known as your HVAC system, is important to maintain in your home. For starters, if you can replace the HVAC filters consistently, you can ensure the air in your home will be properly filtered and be free of dust and other allergens. In addition, in your vehicle, your air-conditioning system makes sure you and your passengers have a cool or warm ride while out and about. It’s important to get professional repair services to assist in helping with your HVAC or AC systems in your car. It’s more than just about comfort, but it’s also about healthy air!

professional repair services

5. Window and Door Repair

Windows and doors can last for up to 20 years in your home. Unfortunately, if you have an older home and know that your windows are not properly cared for, it can be difficult to trust in your windows and ensure that they are not causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Hiring the help of glass contractors can help reinforce your windows and doors, and also give your home a beautiful, new design. In either case, make sure to get professional repair services to repair any problems in sealing your windows and doors may have as soon as you notice them. Then, after several decades, opt for a total door and window replacement.

6. Landscaping

It can be easy to install your own vegetable and fruit garden. A simple herb garden can also prove to be fun, relaxing, and beneficial if you find yourself using a lot of herbs in your cooking. However, if you plan on having more than just a simple garden decoration on your front or backyard, hiring the help of professional landscaping services is sure to be the right call. Landscaping requires land movers, architects, and someone to ensure that all proper permits are taken care of. Be sure to seek the right people for landscaping services, and rest assured that your front and back lawns are in the right hands. Professional landscapers can also save you money, as they know how to find the right deals, like stone slabs for sale, and can ensure your renovation dreams become a reality.

7. Garage Repairs

The garage can be the best place to unwind and work on your projects, or even a place where you can work on your art and use as a studio. However, if you’re like most Americans, chances are you have valuable cars and other assets stored in your garage. Because of this, it’s important to hire professionals to install any proper ventilation in your garage, repair any locks, and also repair any other damage inside your garage that can prove costly. Residential garage door services can help do all of this and more.

8. Plumbing Services

We’ve all seen the do-it-yourself hacks to unclog a sink, such as using a coke bottle and soda to get rid of a clogged drain. There are even Draino and snake lines available to help the bolder of us unclog drains. However, when you have more serious issues, the help of professional repair services to repair your plumbing system can be better for your home and to save time. In addition, sometimes your plumbing can cause other issues that don’t involve a clogged drain, such as leaking pipes, faulty faucets, and sewer problems.

professional repair services

9. Auto-Body Work

Auto-body work can be one of the best outlets for creativity, and also get your skills refined if you’re planning on being a professional mechanic or body artist. However, sometimes it’s best to get the help of professional repair services if you have more serious car dents, or dents that don’t seem to fix with simple do-it-yourself hacks. Some car dent kits use suction cups and heat to fix dents, but the help of a professional auto-body shop can allow you to fix your car even faster.

10. Welding

Many artforms and do-it-yourself sculptures involve the use of welding, and if you’re taking a welding course or simply love to work in welding, selling these art projects can turn a good profit. However, if you have no idea how to weld, it’s best not to pick up a blow-torch and work with titanium pipe fittings or any other steel for house or art projects. Always get the help of someone who has a proper welding license if you decide to hire professional repair services for any welding jobs you might need.

11. Electrical Work

Electrical problems within the home and car can cause the lights to not come on, battery issues, power surges, and even worse, cause a house fire. Because of this, getting the help of professional electrical services should always be the first option. Electrical accidents are bound to happen to the inexperienced homeowner. Simply turning off the electricity might not be enough, so it’s best to hire professionals for any electrical jobs both in your home and with your vehicle.

12. Repairs on Work Vehicles

Your car is one asset you have, but another vehicle you might have is a forklift you have rented, your work-vehicle, or even an ambulance if you own your own paramedic or medical-transportation company. These bigger and more complex vehicles should never be left to amateur repairs. Forklift repairs might prove costly, but it’s necessary to avoid any complications in repair you might face. Leaving those repairs to the pros will make all the difference.

13. Flooring

The flooring in both your home and car can sometimes wear out and seem outdated, dirty, and just plain ugly! Luckily, replacing flooring is simple, and can be made even easier by using the help of professional repair services. If you hire workers to come and replace your flooring, ensure that you have all proper safety precautions in place, especially if you have hard-to-reach areas and high ceilings for example. You can get the help of a personal injury attorney if you ever come into a case where someone gets hurt working on your property.

professional repair services

14. Water Damage

Water damage can cause serious problems in your home, including mold and rot to form in your basement or foundation. When your home has water damage, it could be tempting to let it simply dry out, or use a blow-dryer and towels to seemingly fix the water damage. However, it takes professional repair services to be able to get rid of all water damage and ensure your home doesn’t get overrun with mold and rot.

15. Security Systems

Security in your home and in your car is vital for protecting your assets. Some security systems on your car can be simple and cheap, such as setting up a dash cam in your front and rear of your vehicle. Other security systems, such as a catalytic converter lock to help your catalytic converter from being stolen, need the help of a mechanic to be installed. In your home, you can install security cameras by yourself. However, it’s important to use top-of-the-line security systems if you have valuable assets. For instance, if you recently bought a salvage viper for sale, and stored it in your garage, you can rest assured you still need to get good security to protect your investments. Take care of your assets including your vehicles and your home, and hire the pros to guarantee the best protection.

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