Back Yard After New Bark Dust

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Landscaping can be seen as a daunting task by some. The worry about destroying their plants or the size of the work to be undertaken can seem like too much, but as illustrated in the video above the aftermath of putting in the work is very rewarding. While the work may not be accomplished in a 24-hour period, it sometimes does not take as long as one would think. One of the reasons for landscaping is to make an already established bed look fantastic by revitalizing it. There are many ways to do this, but the best is decorative ground cover such as rock (of varying size) and bark (varying size and wood type).

Bark Dust Installations

In agriculture and landscaping, bark dust (or bark mulch) comes in all types. There is cedar mulch, nuggets, shredded, and others. Not only does it add an attractive accent to the flower bed, but it is an effective way to prevent weeds, having a natural herbicide. It is suggested that you lay down weed fabric so that seeds that drop don’t take root and create weeds. If another plant is desired, it is easy to cut through the cloth and install another plant.

The bark dust applies several other benefits for the bed, other than an attractive aesthetic. Applying the tree mulch to the beds can help regulate the soil’s temperature as well as helping prevent soil erosion. There is also a chemical interaction with the soil that keeps it healthy. It is also quite easy to install. Unlike with rock, the tree mulch does not damage the plant if it is directly dumped on it. It also does not take much strength to handle in loads.

Bark dust generally does not cost much by the yard and can be bought in a half yard increment if needed. The drivers of the loaders that dump the bark dust into the back of the truck or trailer have plenty of experience in getting the requested amount of bark dust, and oftentimes will put in a little more. It is always a good idea to cover the load before leaving, since woodchips do tend to fly up and distract other drivers.

If weed fabric has not been laid previous to the plant installations, it is entirely up to the homeowner whether or not to lay out the fabric and simply cut around the plants, or leave the fabric out entirely. Bark dust is, afterall, a preventive measure against weeds.

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