Your Air Duct Cleaning DIY Guide

In the video above, the reporter showcases a do-it-yourself approach to cleaning the ductwork in a house that had never had air duct cleaning and repair services done. The ducts were filled with various debris, including construction remnants from the house’s initial construction. The reporter details the removal process, primarily using a homemade vacuum and a duct whip crafted from a barrel, leaf blower, OSB sheeting, and flexible foil ducting.

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The homemade duct whip, created with a few simple components, is also demonstrated. The reporter emphasizes the importance of using a sturdy container for the vacuum to prevent collapse due to the strong suction. The cleaning process involves inserting the whip into duct sections and using it in conjunction with a leaf blower vac to sweep dust and debris toward a designated vent. Safety measures, such as wearing safety glasses, are highlighted.

The reporter creatively uses a trash bag to block off sections of ducts, ensuring efficient cleaning without contamination. The guide concludes by addressing residue left in the ducts, emphasizing the necessity of regular cleaning intervals to prevent such build-up. Homemade vacuum and duct whip are credited for their effectiveness in the cleaning process. In summary, the guide’s step-by-step instructions and creative solutions make the process accessible and achievable for individuals willing to take on the task themselves.

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