A DIY Guide to Installing Siding

In the opening of the video, the reporter enthusiastically introduces the audience to their construction project, focusing on the final major detail – the exterior siding. They elaborate on the choice of LP SmartSide eight-inch lap cladding in a vibrant blue color. The reporter emphasizes the importance of thorough preparation and planning, highlighting the significance of establishing reference lines for a consistent and visually appealing outcome. The goal is to create a seamless look by aligning the cladding with precision.

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Moving forward, the reporter delves into the process of establishing reference lines, stressing the need for level cladding on each side and from side to side. He introduced the use of a rotary laser for accurate measurements and emphasized the importance of taking time for prep work. The story pole becomes a crucial tool in ensuring the alignment of cladding around windows, doors, and corners. The reporter also introduces the concept of a staggered pattern to avoid a uniform appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the project.

As the project progresses, the focus shifts to the practical application of the prepared reference lines. The reporter demonstrates the installation of the cladding, showcasing tools like the simple cider and Tetra grip nailer. Attention is given to detail, such as creating a starter strip and addressing penetrations like windows with precision.

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