Why Homeowners Prioritize Bathroom Remodels

Remodeling your home is often a fantastic way to give your living space a new lease on life. Bathroom remodels are a great place to start — they can often be done quickly, are physically contained, and can be surprisingly affordable. You may ask, how should I get started?

Bathroom Remodeling Basics

Start off by looking at magazines and online pictures of remodeled bathrooms. Try to get a feel for what you’d like. Search online for something like, bathroom vanity store in Broward, or somewhere near you. Then, head over and spend an afternoon just looking. Once you have a general idea of what styles you like, it’s time to start thinking about practicalities like budget, where to get a bathroom cabinet and countertops, and how much space you have.

What’s the average renovation cost bathroom? That depends on several factors, including how large the space being redone is, labor costs, the quality of the materials being used, and the extent of the changes being made. Plan to spend anywhere from $120 to $275 per square foot with higher-end remodels using bespoke fixtures from an exclusive bath and shower company costing substantially more.

What’s the average time to remodel a bathroom? You should count on your bath and bathroom being out of commission for at least one month.

Learn more about bathroom remodels below.

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A bathroom remodel is much more than a simple renovation. It’s your chance to create your own private sanctuary, with the colors and fittings of your choice. And of course, plenty of shelving. Lighting, space, and color are the most imparting considerations when doing bathroom renovations. While your reasons for remodeling your bathroom or kitchen may be mostly aesthetic or practical, there are considerable financial benefits as well, in the form of a higher resale value of your house.

Why remodel your bathroom?
The bathroom is usually high on the list for home improvements. It’s not difficult to see the reason why: outdated faucets and showers, battered and rusty tubs, and cramped spaces all call out for a redesign and remodel. If you’re tired of your bathroom’s color scheme and fixtures, you’re not alone. 90% of all homeowners who embark on renovations tackle the bathroom first.

Space is a major consideration, and a priority is to find room for towels, bathroom supplies, and if you’re lucky, even some extra linens. If you have kids, shelving for clothes and bath toys is important. Lighting is equally important, and you may even be able to increase the amount of natural daylight in the space. If that’s not possible, you can change the lighting fixtures to achieve the right effect.

Creating your personal retreat
You may have practical reasons for bathroom renovations, but it’s also a chance to unleash your creative energies. You can change the color scheme and decor to reflect your ideal getaway. Themes like a secret garden, desert island, Caribbean beach, or undersea paradise let you play with fixtures, decor, lighting, and bath supplies to create a small wonderland.
Whether you’re rushing through your morning routine or taking a leisurely soak in the bathtub on a Sunday evening, your bathroom design is an important part of your life. Showerheads that energize or relax can set the tone for your day. The vast majority of bathroom renovations, or 87% of them, involve changing the shower.

Call the professionals
While a bathroom remodel is your chance to remake an important part of your home, you should limit your role to design and direction. A bathroom remodel can involve replacing flooring, countertops, showers, tiles, and sinks, for four out of five homeowners. This is a major undertaking and best carried out by a reliable firm of bathroom contractors.
As with all renovations, bathroom remodels must be done with safety and compliance in mind. Again, this is best managed by professionals.

Home remodels can be a big undertaking. They can be challenging and exciting at the same time. Bathroom renovations improve the aesthetic and practical value of an important part of your house and also add to the resale value of your home.

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