Why Choose Hot Rolled Steel Windows and Doors

Hot rolled steel windows and doors

Hot rolled steel windows and doors can protect a home from burglary and fire while reducing energy loss, which will reduce the structure’s carbon footprint and lower monthly utility expenses. Hot rolled steel windows and doors may also be referred to as steel windows and doors, metal windows and doors, or fire rated windows and doors.

Statistically, there is a home invasion every 13 seconds. Hot rolled steel windows and doors are more secure than traditional wood frame windows. They provide the home with better protection and that is something a prospective homeowner can be sold on. Providing your clients with the safest and most practical options will demonstrate your understanding of their needs.

Hot rolled steel windows and doors are also designed to stop the spread of fire. While this won?t prevent a fire or stop a fire from burning through walls or floors, it can help to slow the progression of a fire. In 2013 alone, there was a reported home fire every 85 seconds. Totally, there were 1,240,000 fires reported in the United States.

Finally, hot rolled steel windows and doors can increase the energy efficiency of the home by lowering heating and cooling loss. In most homes, the majority of the heat loss is through the windows. It is estimated that 15% to 22% of the home heat is lost through the windows.

When you replace traditional windows with Energy Star certified windows, you can save an average of $126 to $465 a year in energy costs. Low-E coating windows are more expensive. They generally cost 10% to 15% more than standard windows. However, they reduce energy loss by 30% to 50%, which is where the savings can be seen and felt.

Steel window manufacturers can create windows in a broad range of sizes and styles. Choosing steel windows doesn?t mean sacrificing on style or appearance. When promoting these types of windows to potential homeowners, it is important to focus on the long-term financial benefits as well as the environmental benefits. Reducing energy loss means also reducing the home?s carbon footprint.

Businesses can also benefit from the savings. Steel windows and doors aren?t just designed for residential homes. Many businesses are building with more energy efficient materials in an effort to lower their long-term energy costs. Again, when discussing options with a potential client, it is important to focus on the long-term benefits of choosing steel windows.