Fixing Basement Leaks Before It’s Too Late

When it comes to basement leaks, sometimes people do not understand the severity, that a leak could bring. This is why leak detection is important. For example; what could start out as the fact that the basement carpet is wet, could lead to basement leaking under front porch. When basement leaking is not resolved, this can lead to potential dangers, such as basement concrete wall leaking, basement floor sweating, as well as mold growing in areas.

Furthermore, mold can cause health problems as well. As such, as soon as a basement leak is detected, basement seepage solutions should be looked at. For example; when someone has a leak from a pipe, the pipe should be sealed. However, sometimes simply sealing the pipe may not be enough, since the leak may be coming from an internal issue. As such, this is where professionals need to come in, and sometimes, the pipe may need to be replaced entirely. This is where an individual should ask the following question. “Where can I find basement drainage system companies in my area?” From there, the leaking issue can be resolved.

Chicago basement waterproofing

Fixing basement leaks is far more important than many people may realize. What often seems like an inconvenience, like when a basement leaks when it rains, can actually turn into a major problem if left untreated. Nearly 27% of all home insurance claims were due to water damage in 2013. Out of all of the homes that have basements, more than 90% will experience water damage over the life of the home. In part, the high instance of water damage occurring in basements is because of poor basement waterproofing. Learn what to do if you find yourself with a water logged basement, and how you can prevent major problems by addressing leaks quickly.

Wet Basement Basics

When water seeps into the basement it is important to evaluate all of the items that are in the area. It is imperative that the basement be cleaned and dried as quickly as possible, typically within 24 to 48 hours or the growth of mold may become unavoidable. All textiles should be removed, cleaned, and dried within the 48-hour period or they will begin to mold, and likely need to be thrown away. This applies to any bedding, upholstery, towels, or any other items covered in fabric such as stuffed animals.

Fixing Basement Leaks
Fixing basement leaks is the first step in water proofing basements. Leaks can occur from the foundation or the walls and the type of leak will dictate the type of water damage. Basement foundation repair is sometimes necessary, but is less intimidating than it sounds. If you address a leak as soon as you notice it, you can prevent additional damage to the structure and the contents of the basement.

The Power of Water
One way to truly understand the potential damage a small basement leak can have is to consider the Grand Canyon. The breathtaking beauty is the result of the raw power of nature that was required to carve canyon walls from solid rock. The mere trickle of water swells with the rains giving it more power, but it is that steady trickle throughout the ages that created the canyon which leaves people in awe. The water that is slowly leaking into your basement can cause similar damage over time. Slowly the trickle will erode the stone, cement, or brick until there is a larger leak that produces far more damage. In addition to the increased water damage due to more water being able to get in, there can be increased structural damage as well. This is why fixing basement leaks as soon as they become evident is so incredibly important.

If you notice unusual dampness in your basement, or water where it shouldn?t be, it is worth the time and effort to have a professional come out and evaluate the area. It is possible that you could have a small issue that could be quickly fixed, and which would prevent a much larger issue in the future.


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