What Can You Build With Storage Containers?

Today’s world calls for us to be more environmentally conscious and innovative to create sustainable facilities. If you are wondering what can you build with storage containers, here are a few alternatives. The latest and possibly most exciting conversion of shipping containers is into residential homes. The insides of these innovative homes look luxurious, and some are selling at high prices.

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You may repurpose a shipping container into swimming pools or jacuzzi that can be installed above or below ground.

Conversion of storage containers into mobile medical clinics has proven to be very efficient in serving healthcare to people in remote areas. Starbucks is one coffee company that has adopted shipping containers to create drive-through shops. Hotels are also following the trend, and one in Thailand has been made from 55 shipping containers to create a 5-story hotel. Retail stores follow residential homes in terms of their frequency in container conversion.

Hydroponic gardens are next on the list. They grow plants using minerals and nutrient solutions in a water solvent. You can grow various leafy greens and herbs inside a 40-foot shipping container. This system makes agriculture possible in highly populated areas.


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