Sun Rooms Provide Extra Living Space

Look at your house. Are you sure you are utilizing all the spaces available? There are many ways to add more space, such as creating a sunroom. Many homeowners confess that they rarely bask in the sun outside their homes. Many people go out of their vicinities to bask, and you can easily add a defined sunroom. Other ways include; building a patio, finishing an attic, and building a detached garage. Also, one can renovate the front porch or extend the entrance. The average cost of a three-season porch may cost you roughly a couple of thousands, including labor.

Porch room additions are favorable to households with few spaces. You may decide to pull down one of the windows and increase the stretch. How much does a three-season porch cost? This depends on the type of porch you desire. Different furniture houses offer interior design consultations to clients seeking a patio. Look at your finances before deciding on adding more space to your home. Some additions may require you to hire an electrician who comes as an extra charge.

The purpose of room additions is to improve the standard of living, create memories, and have a return on investment when you sell. Something as simple as renovating the balcony will give you the comfort and relaxation you deserve.


Eclipse 2017.
It seems to all anyone is talking about today.
Fortunately, you have a friend who lives on a large acreage right in the path of totality, so when your 16 year old daughter announced that she and two of her high school girl friends wanted to miss school and make a trip so that they could see the totality, instead of the 97% that would be at their home.
Even more fortunate than having a friend live in the path of totality is that this friend is extremely generous. When your daughter called and asked about herself, her friends, and her parents visiting, your totality awesome friend said that her house was already going to be pretty full, but if the teenage girls were willing to sleep in the newly build screened in sun room, there should be enough beds for everyone.
Although your friend never imagined that her new sun room would ever be used for a slumber party when it was built, she did a great job of having it ready for her guests. With an extra fan to keep the breeze blowing through the space, your friend had also moved all of the furniture to the sides so that there was plenty of room for the blow up mattresses. With the nearly soundproof sun room to themselves, the girls actually showed some restraint and made sure that they went to bed fairly early so they could get up early and prepare for the big day of eclipse viewing.
Are You Ready to Enjoy an Outdoor Space That Is Free from the Elements and the Bugs?
Many families have a deck off their kitchen. Few people, however, are able to enjoy that outdoor space as much as they would like. From weather events, to sun, to insects, outdoor eating spaces are not always enjoyed as much as they should be. Turning a deck into a covered sun room, however, can transform your space into a location that is both enjoyable and functional. Fortunately, adding a sunroom to your home can also add to the value of a property. Consider some of these other facts about the benefits of adding a sun room to your home:

  • Instead of thinking of the financial investment that is required for a sun room, it is beneficial to understand that adding a sunroom can be a big investment to a home, and can dramatically improve its resale value. If the room is used an average of four times per day, the return on investment can average between 89% to 115% of original cost.
  • Some roofing services can also offer very versatile plans for sun rooms as well.
  • In the most ideal situation, a sun room, or three season space should face due south, but 30 degrees east or west of due south can also provide as much as 90% of the maximum static solar collection potential.
  • The best way to prevent heat loss in a sun room is to install triple pane glass which provides three panes of glass along with two layers of insulation.
  • Instead of sun rooms, some home owners install a greenhouse, a structure that consumes energy through the growth processes of plants and the evaporation of water. In fact, one pound of evaporating water uses about 1,000 Btu that would otherwise be available as heat.
  • Homeowners spend an average of 1% to 4% of a home’s value a year on maintenance and repairs, which tend to increase as the house ages. For a $200,000 home, equals a minimum of $2,000 in repairs a year. It only makes sense that an additional sun room will also require repairs and maintenance as well.

The Solar Eclipse of 2017 has now passed and within a few weeks, the summer heat will be gone as well. If you are looking for a way to continue to enjoy your outdoor space, the installation of a sun room may be the answer. Who knows? That completed sun room may be the perfect space for an impromptu slumber party as well! Get your photos from Solar Eclipse 2017 posted on your favorite social media site and move on the making plans for increasing and enhancing your outdoor space.


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