Replacing and Updating Wood Items in the Home

Wood stands as one of the oldest and most beloved construction materials, used for everything from canoes to galleons to houses and tools. Even today, in the face of advanced metal alloys and flexible and lightweight plastic, wood still has its place in modern construction. It has been replaced in some arenas, but wood is difficult or at least unnecessary to replace for other sorts of projects. Home building, for example, still involves plenty of hardwood, and a modern American house will have plenty of wooden surfaces and items in it alongside the concrete foundation, shingle roof, metal pipes for the plumbing, and glass in the windows. Today, many contractors can work with hardwoods of all sorts, and this ranges from restoring historic doors to classic wood windows and custom wood cabinets. In fact, home remodeling often involves refinishing or replacing wooden surfaces and items, and most Americans love the scent, texture, and appearance of custom wood cabinets, wood window panes, and more. Professionals can and should be hired for working on custom wood cabinets, but the results may very well be worth it.

Kitchen Remodeling and Furniture

A modern homeowner may want to update the appearance and function of their rooms, and home remodeling is both popular and a smart investment in most cases. A remodeled house may justify a higher asking price when it’s put on the real estate market, and many home buyers young and old may be drawn to remodeled houses. These homes may sell faster and for a better price than if they weren’t remodeled, meaning that remodeling work can generate a high ROI, or return on investment. Rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom may generate a ROI as high as 70-80% or so. Currently, it is older homeowners who invest the most in home remodeling work, but younger homeowners are starting to catch up.

This includes working with wooden items. In a kitchen, old cabinets may be dirty or falling apart, and the remodeling crews may be asked to replace them with custom wood cabinets that suit the homeowner’s tastes. Replacing and installing custom wood cabinets is difficult and expensive work, but these contractors can handle it and produce the desired results. In fact, many homeowners report that they do a lot more cooking in their kitchens after remodeling, which is often the intent to start with. Other surfaces such as the floor or walls or countertop might be modified by other experts on the crew.

Furniture is another arena for wood work, and many tables, chairs, beds, dressers, and more are made of wood. American craftsmanship for wood dates back to the colonial period, and in the late 1600s, early Americans started creating distinct and innovate designs for the first time (and not just starkly pragmatic items). Native hardwoods such as cherry and oak were as popular then as they are now, and cherry wood is valued for its practical use in construction and its attractive surface. Some of the finest furniture today is made from wood, and even handmade for better quality. The Amish people, for example, often receive commissions for handmade wooden furniture, and Amish handiwork is known for its great quality and durability.

Window Frames

Meanwhile, any window frame that isn’t made of vinyl is instead made of wood. Such windows should be tough and resist burglary attempts and keep drafts out, but windows may wear out over time. Old wooden windows may have ugly termite damage or chipped paint, and may have drafts or become easy for burglars to force their way into. For these reasons and more, discerning homeowners may call upon local window replacement contractors who can expertly remove these old windows and fit in new ones. These professionals may measure the window holes in the walls and recommend new window models to their clients, which may include energy-efficient, double-paned windows. These new windows may then be fitted in, and sealed to prevent drafts and also resist forced entry. New windows are also attractive, and all of these factors make window replacement an aspect of home remodeling. This, combined with other remodeling work, may make a house more valuable and desirable once it is put on the real estate market later on.

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