Fine Home Renovations for the Kitchen or Bathroom

Homeowners today enjoy a particular advantage over those who rent their properties: they can hire first floor renovation crews for home remodeling. First floor renovation means that any room on the house’s first floor may be modified as the homeowner likes, and this first floor renovation may range from kitchen remodeling work to hall bathroom remodel projects. It may sound mundane, but bathroom remodeling can be lucrative and result in a classy and comfortable master bathroom to use. This is not something to attempt alone; first floor renovation involves a lot of materials, tools, and expertise that a homeowner can’t provide on their own, so skilled first floor renovation teams and contractors will be hired to take care of a project like this. In fact, around 35% of home remodeling jobs involve the entire house, so naturally a whole team will be needed to handle all that work. What is there to know about first floor renovation work today?

Customers of Home Remodeling

Overall, patronage of home remodeling teams reflects that of American home ownership in general: older Americans can and do spend the most on such work and are the biggest market for this, but younger homeowners are starting to catch up. This is common work; homeowners have remodeled around 10.2 million kitchens and about 14.2 million bathrooms every single year, and a Houzz study showed that 60% of homeowners are currently planning to have their master bathroom remodeled. Right now, older Americans, often those aged 55 and over, outspend younger homeowners about three to one on such work. After all, they have had much more time to save up for such projects, and older Americans do not move nearly as often as younger ones do. Rather, they choose to spend their money on renovating and improving their current property. All the same, young adult homeowners are growing in number and spending power as they get older. Millennials, adults born 1982-1995, are now old enough to often afford buying their own houses and remodeling that real estate. Within the next 10-15 years, they may represent a much larger share of home owners and remodel clients.

The Job

Young or old, a homeowner may start looking up local home remodeling companies in their area if they want some rooms renovated, and they may also get references from their local hardware store. Why might this be done? Not only will a renovated room or first floor look great, but it represents a major ROI, or return on investment, when the property is sold. Houses that have undergone renovation may sell for a higher price on the real estate market, and they may attract a lot of attention and sell faster than houses that didn’t undergo any renovation work. Some rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom may yield a ROI as high as 70-80% during this time.

Remodeling the kitchen is often done to make this a more pleasant and convenient room in which to cook, and many homeowners report doing a lot more cooking in their kitchens after the remodeling work is done. Old cabinet doors may be replaced with new ones, or at least sanded down, refinished, or repainted to make them look like new. The stove or fridge may be replaced with newer model that have more features, and even the sink may be swapped out for a new one with the help of a plumber. Meanwhile, flooring experts may remove the old tiles and linoleum and replace it all with newer materials for a fresh new look. The walls can be repainted, and the counter tops can be removed and replaced with tough but attractive new ones, such as granite or marble models.

The master bathroom isn’t just for the toilet; a homeowner may take relaxing baths or showers here, and spend time in front of the mirror dying or styling their hair or shaving. This makes the bathroom worth investing in, and here too, the flooring can be updated and the walls repainted, and even lighting fixtures may be updated. Plumbing such as the toilet, sink, tub, and shower head can be replaced with attractive new models that are also low flow, meaning that they use less water. This saves money on the water bill.

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