Reasons to Choose a Home Renovation Company Over DIY

Getting a trusted general contractor to help you renovate your home is essential. Professional contractors can quote you approximate renovation costs to help you work within your budget. Before beginning renovations, here are 3 vital factors to consider.

#1 Plan For Unplanned Hiccups
When it comes to at home remodeling, there are always things that could go wrong. From the average cost of home improvements adding up to more than you’ve planned, to no stock availability for the items you wanted and more. Always bear the unforeseen problems that could occur in mind and formulate a “plan B”.

#2 Consider warranties to help protect your investments
Since you’re investing money, time and long-term results into your home renovation, contractor warranties, as well as those guarantees from manufacturers, are critical.

#3 Spend your budget wisely
It’s easy to want many things for your home reno, but be careful not to overspend on irrelevant procedures and items.

Have you thought about a budget for your average cost of home improvement projects? Together with your contractor, you’ll be able to work on a variety of budget targets for the renovation plan and also the cost of items needed and work to do.

Home renovation is never something that should be taken lightly. It requires a professional hand and expertise to ensure the longevity of the home and the safety of your family. It can also be a very costly investment and not one you want to have to redo.

When it comes to complex renovations such as window installation and roofing, there’s a lot to consider. Quality of the product as well as quality of the installation will have an effect on multiple things in your home such as energy costs and overall safety. This is why it is wise to hire a contractor or roofer rather than trying to make complex home repairs on your own.

The Cost of Poor Installation and Quality

New home windows
and a new roof are expensive investments. You’re going to be spending thousands of dollars whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, especially if you have a large home. The last thing you’re going to want after dishing out that money is to have to spend even more. Having the knowledge of a professional contractor or roofer on hand can save you the cost of having to repair what has already been fixed once.

High quality windows that are properly installed and maintained can last more than twenty years. They are also roughly twice as effective at keeping in heat and air conditioning. Drafty windows that let air out can increase your energy bill up to 25%. If you want your windows to last and to do their job it is best to let someone who knows what they’re doing handle the installation.

The same goes for roofing. An asphalt roof can last up to 25 years and a galvanized metal roof can last up to 50. Hiring an experienced roofer will guarantee the longevity of your roof and save you from potentially dangerous leeks or damage.

Protect Your Investment with Warranties

Another benefit of having contractors do your renovations is the option to find a company that offers warranties. There are manufacturer warranties to protect the material used, but there are also workmanship warranties in case something goes wrong due to poor installation.

Should you choose to do the work yourself you are forfeiting the right to a workmanship warranty if something goes awry. Protect your investment by having someone do the work who can be financially held accountable if they do not do it properly.

If You’re Going to Spend the Money, Spend It Wisely

Homeowners will spend an average of 1 to 4% of their homes value on annual repairs. These costs will only increase as the house ages. Being a home owner means paying for the things that go wrong, so you may as well be smart about where that money is going.

Invest in yourself and in your home. Find a contractor or roofer that fits your budget and has warranties to protect your money. In the long run it is better, and cheaper, to have it done right the first time and have the work covered than to try cutting corners on your own.


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