Preparing Your Home For Hurricane Season

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Summer is coming to an end and that means that hurricane season is here. Those people who reside in the southern and coastal states begin preparing for hurricane season well before it hits. Proper preparation can reduce the negative effects of hurricane season. Hurricanes often bring large amounts rain and large speeds of wind. These rain and wind conditions can put damage onto the home and can result in things like flooding and water damage occurring to the home. A homeowner who lives in a hurricane prone area should ensure that their home is properly prepared with strong and durable materials prior to hurricane season. This will protect their investment and increase their safety during this dangerous season.

There are a few different materials available for hurricane resistance. The three main options to consider for hurricane resistance windows are aluminum, vinyl and wood. Some homeowners in these areas may choose to have permanent windows made out of these materials. Others may simply use these materials to board up and protect their windows and doors during an oncoming hurricane. Impact windows can really protect the home by keeping excessive winds and rain liquids out of the home. Too much rain in the home can cause extensive water damage that can lead to things like mold. High winds can break windows and then result in the water damage.

Some areas of the country are more prone to high category hurricanes than others are. These areas need to not only prepare for the occurrence of a hurricane, but they also need to prepare for the likeliness of a category 5, or a very destructive hurricane. Impact resistant windows have advanced to the point where they are thoroughly tested to withstand Category 5 wind conditions. These are the hurricanes that lead to the most costly and most timely damages. Impact windows are a great investment for anyone in the line of a category 5 hurricane.

Investing in impact windows can be very beneficial for those with higher chances of hurricanes hitting. However, impact windows also have other benefits. Impact windows are known for their tightness of air sealing. They keep excess wind and air from entering and exiting the windows. This can greatly improve the energy efficiency of the windows. The less amount of air that is used and the less amount of air conditioning that is lost from the home reduces the amount of energy used. This can result in greatly reduced energy bills. Hurricane windows are generally very energy efficient because of the materials that they are built with. Energy star qualified windows can lower your energy bills by 7 to 15%. This can result in hundreds of dollars of savings.

Homeowners who are in areas of likeliness of hurricane weather should also focus on the safety of their homes with air tight doors. The doors need to be made of quality materials that are durable and protectant. The winds and the excess rain can damage the doors and if the door is unable to keep it out, it can lead to damage of the home. The design of the hurricane windows and doors are really important to guarantee the home?s secureness and the resident?s safety.

The end of summer brings the beginning of hurricane season for many states. Many people are and have been preparing for this year?s hurricane season. Proper preparation includes installing hurricane proof windows and doors. These impact windows and doors will prevent excess wind from damaging them. Damage to the windows and doors can lead to water damage and flooding in the home. It is important to prepare for hurricane weather as soon as possible.

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