Learn How to Pour a Concrete Patio

Concrete patios are great for barbecues, sunbathing or just having a place to walk that is not muddy in wet weather. Odell Complete Concrete gives you tips on pouring concrete for your new patio.

Wait for a stretch of sunny weather of over 70 degrees F for about five days. Remove all grass from the patio site. Lay a frame made of wood. When you lay the wooden frame of 2 x 4s, make sure the crowns are up.

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Measure to make sure all of the boards are straight. If this already seems complicated, consider hiring a concrete patio contractor rather than doing it yourself.

Pour out bags of all-purpose gravel. You’ll need a tamper to make a flat base for your concrete. After that, you have to coat the whole base with a concrete-form release agent. Now, wet it all with water.

Mix the concrete until it looks like gray peanut butter, pour it, and spread it out with a hoe. It then needs screening, or leveling out, with a piece of wood four feet long. After the concrete sinks a bit, smooth the surface with a tool called a hand float. It will take about a week of drying before it’s safe to use.

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