What is Propane and How Can it Benefit Your Home

Propane is a gas that you can use to help cook your food, heat your home and your water. The University of Wisconsin estimates that 47 million homes in America use propane. Fuel company Crystal Flash looks at what you need to know about propane gas.

Propane fuel is in demand because it is clean-burning.

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This makes it a great alternative to other sources of energy for homes that do not have access to natural gas. This also makes it a good fuel for backup generators at electrical plants. Since it is a fossil fuel, new supplies need to be discovered in order to keep up with future demand.

Sometimes, propane gas is used to fuel vehicles. However, since the supply is low, propane is unlikely to take the place of gas or diesel.

Propane is odorless, so odor is added to propane to make it easy to detect leaks. Natural gas is treated in the same way. If you do detect a propane leak, call 911, get your family out of the home or away from the outside tank, then call your propane supplier to fix the leak. Your local fire department may also be able to fix propane leaks.

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