Landscaping Ideas to Turn Your Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis

Long gone are the days when the backyard was viewed as an afterthought or simply an extra space. In fact, with three-quarters of Americans reporting backyard time as essential, it’s clear backyards have truly become an extension of the home. Whether your home goes on the market soon or you’re creating a space to make memories for years to come, stretch the comfort of the indoors all the way to the edge of your backyard by noting some of these landscaping ideas.


Know the Value of Landscape Design


Landscaping consistently tops realtors’ lists of smartest home improvements. Crafting the perfect landscape design and finding landscapers may feel time consuming, but know that it’s time well spent. Not only will well-planned landscaping ideas increase your home’s livable space, but they will also increase your resale value by 14%!


Create the Layout


Start the design process by reshaping the way you view your outdoor space; by thinking of it like the rooms of a home, you’ll quickly transform your yard. Envision each section as having a purpose and bringing a different option for relaxation, entertainment, etc. Consider the following:



  • If you have a sloping yard, create a functional focal point with a retaining wall. The benefits of this landscaping idea are endless: enhanced privacy for entertainment areas, a spotlight opportunity for your love of gardening, and even erosion prevention and better water drainage. The addition of a retaining wall is a beautiful way to enhance the overall appearance of your backyard. (Note: call in the pros for this landscape upgrade, as pressure and weight of soil on the wall are factors which will need an expert’s eye).
  • Nothing brings comfort and luxury to your backyard better than an outdoor kitchen. A fireplace, grilling station, and custom fire pit are eye-catching ways to extend entertainment possibilities well beyond the backdoor and make your home the go-to place for relaxation and fun.
  • Finally, just as each family member has their favorite space inside your home, consider what outdoor relaxation and fun could look like on an individual level. If your spouse weighed in with landscaping ideas, would there be a spot for vegetable gardening? If the kids offered suggestions, would there be a play space just for them? Not every wish can be granted, and the goal certainly isn’t to fill every inch of space, but the consideration of each family member will help you view the backyard as a continuation of your home and all it offers you as a family.


Be Flexible


Keep in mind, the spaces you create won’t be hard and fast boundaries you must keep. Just like you have more than one room in which you relax indoors, so too will you be able to blur the lines in the backyard. This concept of outdoor “rooms” just gives you a jumping off point.


With this vision as your guide, your backyard remodel will have direction and purpose. You’ll be ready to relish your beautiful gathering space with the ones you love in no time.

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