February 23, 2020

AC Installation: Problems and Dangers to Avoid

AC installation has many benefits. A unit will keep you cool and comfortable during those hot summer months. You’ll find yourself less stressed, knowing that the temperature in your home is regulated. You’ll also sleep better, reduce your risk of dehydration, and find fewer insects crawling around your place—after all, they love hot and humid conditions.


Hiring a pro to install your air conditioner also takes the guesswork out of the setup process. So you can reap the benefits without stressing over the mechanical details, especially if you don’t consider yourself too handy around the house.


So it’s installed, now what?


Now, all you have to do is understand what common problems and dangers to avoid so your unit can last as long as possible without any risks of failure. Here are a few to note.


Not maintaining your HVAC system can lead to leaking


What exactly does maintenance include? Once your AC installation is complete, make sure to follow these precautions. When maintained properly, an HVAC unit can last a total of 12 years.



  • Change the air filters often
  • Cover your unit during the winter months
  • Condensate your unit’s drain channels
  • Clean the coils



These precautions should be taken routinely. The best part is, you can do these things yourself and won’t need an air conditioning service to come to your home for basic maintenance. These should keep your unit clean, prevent serious damage, require less ac repair.


Fire Hazards


Your AC unit has the potential to start a dangerous fire in your home if it overheats. To prevent this terrifying possibility, follow the maintenance tips above and avoid using extension cords near your air conditioner.


These problems can waste energy and money


Not all AC installation related issues result in life and death situations. But here are a few, that if not adhered to, can still cost you a pretty penny.


If you like to leave your windows and backdoor opened on a breezy spring morning, you’re unfortunately going to have to cut that habit. All the cool air is no longer circulating within the walls of your home when there’s an open source. The cool air leaves and the hot temperature rushes in.


Another common mistake you can make is buying a unit that does not suit the size requirements of your home. If you purchase one that’s too small, it will not properly cool the area. On the other hand, if you go with a unit that is too large for the size of your living space, it will not cycle properly.


Hire an HVAC contractor you can trust


Many people make the mistake of not hiring a qualified HVAC contractor. If you’re unsure of how to install your new unit, call the experts for your ac installation needs.

You’ll know that they are qualified if they possess:


    • all of their current licenses and certifications


    • proof of insurance


    • a list of valuable services


    • positive recommendations online or by word of mouth





Now you are aware of the potential dangers and problems you can stumble across before, during, and after the ac installation process. These mistakes can have dire consequences, so make sure to upkeep your unit and call a trusted AC contractor when you have questions and need an extra hand.


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