Instead of Scrapping Antique Bathtubs and Sinks, More Homeowners Opting for Inexpensive Repairs

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With the price of collectible bathtubs edging toward $1,000, American homeowners are looking for ways to keep their investments in great condition. Taking the time to find authentic bathtub “feet,” also referred to as “clawfeet,” can improve the finished look of any bathroom home improvement project. Often made from cast iron, vintage bathtub feet are available in a variety of styles: swimming dolphins, ornate floral patterns, and intricate geometrical designs are some of the more popular motifs.

Vintage bathtubs in perfect condition can be difficult to find, even making use of websites that specialize in antique collectibles. The cost of bathtub repair may seem prohibitive, but refinishing bathtub surfaces can be an affordable solution. Restoring antique cast iron feet may involve extensive rust removal efforts, while refinishing bathtub surfaces can be as simple as an at-home re-glazing session with commercially-available products.

Finding ways to lower the cost of bathtub repair can also allow homeowners to invest in whimsical collectibles like rubber ducks, vintage perfume bottles, and antique makeup cases. After ceramic tile refinishing and a brand-new bathtub refinish, some home repair enthusiasts find that all they need are a few shelves to display vintage collections. Adding small shelves and some houseplants that thrive in low light can make any bathroom into a comfortable oasis for relaxation.

Some collectors also gravitate toward vintage metal soap dishes and other small-but-luxurious finishing details for their bathtub improvement projects. Reducing the cost of bathtub repair by re-enameling tubs and sinks themselves, home repair enthusiasts turn their attention to shower and floor tiles, vintage faucets and lighting fixtures, and charming bathroom collectibles from the last two centuries.

Looking for a major change in the look of a bathroom? Reglazing products come in a range of colors: vintage bathtubs could benefit from a drastic update, creating an entirely new look and feel. Finding complementary colors for tiles and curtains is essential, and homeowners can consult design websites to help determine which color scheme would be best for their homes.

Sometimes, the overuse of a single color can make a room seem washed out or dated; if the bathtub color is bright, then using a contrasting color for curtains and tiles can allow the tub to be the center of focus. Patterned tiles can also add contrast, but too many patterns can also make a bathroom — or any room — seem chaotic. Sticking to a simple but bright color scheme with limited use of patterns should result in a sophisticated and modern bathroom design.

If homeowners would rather contract with a design professional or with tub and tile installation contractors, they may find that they have some help in their pursuit of luxury design details. Some contractors and designers may be able to help find vintage lighting fixtures or antique tubs, sinks, or faucets. Speaking with designers regularly about their progress and making sure that the finished product — the renovated bathroom — is satisfactory is also recommended. Home design and repair may seem daunting, but with patience and an eye for detail, bathroom remodeling projects should have attractive results.

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