Explore Alternative Methods of Sewer Replacement to Keep Your Yard Intact

Trenchless pipe repair

Got a sewer leak again? Are you sick and tired of calling sewage experts to come fix your sewer line or inspect your pipes? Is yard getting torn up every time they come over? There are a few fixes for all of these problems! For one thing, you should probably just go ahead and get your sewer pipes completely replaced. Clearly, the stopgap measures you’ve been taking aren’t working anymore. And if you’re dreading the idea of having your lawn and landscaping totally torn up as they go to work on replacing your pipes, take heart! There’s a new method on the market known as trenchless sewer replacement — and it’ll also make your life easier next time you have to get your pipes fixed. Sewer repair has never been so easy! Replace your sewer now and rest easy for a few years.
But I Just Bought a New House! My Pipes Don’t Need Replacing!
False! Even if your house is brand new, your plumbing might still be hooked up to old pipes that were there with the original structure. So even though your house might be brand spanking new, the pipes could be older than the hills, which accounts for your sewer problem. If your sewer system is over 40 years old, you will definitely need to start thinking about replacements.
Ugh. What Can I Do To Keep My Pipes Working Well?
You’ll probably want to get them checked out by a professional. They can let you know how your line looks and if you’re due for some repairs in the near future. If it looks bad, they might be able to give you an estimate of how much it will cost to replace the pipes or just do a repair, and by when you should have it done to avoid a major mess! The inspection might run you as much as $350, but at least you’ll be set for a few years either way — you’ll be able to start saving for replacement or repair costs, or you know that everything looks good and you don’t have to worry about them for awhile.
Epoxy lining is a great option if you’re already getting your pipes replaced or you’re installing new ones. An epoxy lining is a type of thick protective coating that can cover just about anything. They’re resistant to common corrosives and rust and are very simple to use. Getting an epoxy lining can also keep your pipes from leaking — so you can even use it on your water pipes! An epoxy lining will also keep your pipes secure against cracking due to severe fluctuation in weather or any liquids that prove to be very corrosive. It’s a good preventative measure to head off sewer problems!
So What’s This Trenchless Pipe Repair and Trenchless Sewer Replacement Deal?
If you’re repairing an existing pipe, trenchless pipe repair basically involves digging a small hole in the ground and inserting pipe lining in the broken pipe. It inflates and turns into a cured-in place pipe (CIPP) — a jointless and seamless pipe. The resin solidifies around the broken pipe and it turns into the new pipe, eliminating cracks and other external damage.
If you’re replacing your trench system with a trenchless sewer system, once again, you’ll dig a small hole to bring the old pipe to the surface. The new one will go down in its place and expand, filling that empty space. Experts report that the trenchless method is just as effective as using the traditional trench method and note that they come with warranties that extend anywhere from 10-50 years.
This type of repair or replacement will also eliminate the messy tearing up of your yard. When surveyed, almost 75% of consumers said they’d be willing to pay a little more money to keep their landscaping and backyard fixtures intact.
Try the trenchless method of sewer repair today and look into taking preventative measures like applying an epoxy lining to your existing pipes. Let your mind rest easy by taking action today!

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