Improve Your ROI, Mental Health And Physical Health In One Go Landscape Design For Homeowners

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Why do people love landscaping? Well, it’s all in the details! Landscape design is the bread and butter of the average American homeowner, imbuing life into both the interior and exterior of one’s home and allowing people to express themselves in their given neighborhood. Even better? Landscaping can even bolster your home’s curb appeal, long-term ROI and even your mental health. If you’re looking for reasons to start renovating your patio or adding to your backyard, take a gander at the list below for common ideas and techniques.

Resale Value And Your Home

Did you know landscaping can increase your home’s resale value by nearly 15%? Spending even as little as 5% of your home’s value on landscaping can net you an ROI of as much as 150% in some cases, making landscaping one of the best ways of making and saving money. There are plenty of landscaping ideas you can check out, from hiring professionals to install new shrubbery or seeking out a patio renovation. If you have any doubts, landscapers can point you to the right retaining wall or fence to make your vision a reality.

Saving On Electricity And Heating

Tired of a skyrocketing electricity or heating bill? A little landcaping can change that. Installing trees or shrubbery can go a long way in crafting your environment to suit your needs as well as your neighborhood’s, letting nature do all the work while giving your exterior a touch-up. Shade from trees have been found to reduce air conditioning costs by 25% or more during the summer, with the shielding they provide from wind reducing heating costs by a 10%. If you’re feeling especially bold you can always install a garden, whether it’s growing your own vegetables or adding some flowers for everyone to admire!

Help Out The Environment

Not only can you save money on your heating bill, you can make the environment a safer place to live. A single tree can remove 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year, totaling up to 11,000 miles of car emissions. Landscape plants, such as shrubs and turf, are prime at removing smoke and dust from the air. This can be especially useful during spring when pollen is in the air.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Putting a little money into landscaping will help you out in a variety of ways in the long-term. Just over half of homeowners are budgeting $10,000 or more on either current or upcoming outdoor projects alongside professionals, with two-thirds spending this amount on their most recent additions. A new survey by the Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals conducted among over 2,000 American residents found that three-quarters feel it’s important to spend time outside in their yards.

Improve Every Aspect Of Your Life

Time for a refresher. Plano landscaping will make your environment more hospitable to be in, keeping your air clean and free of common pollutants that clog up the atmosphere. This is ideal if you have sensitive lungs or allergies, to boot, and can keep you healthier day after day. If you’re interested in selling your home a landscaping job can bolster your ROI and curb appeal, increasing your chances of attracting buyers. Last, but not least, having a beautiful exterior goes a long way in cultivating the emotional and mental wellness of family and friends. Are you ready to start your next project?


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