How To Install Pex Pipes

Are you getting some work done around the house? If it’s plumbing-related, you’re probably looking at pipe installation. Typically you want to contact a plumbing contractor to help get the work done, but it is definitely possible to do it on your own with the right tools when you’re working on your bathroom remodel. Tools plumbing contractors would use would be a cutting tool.

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You can’t use a saw to cut these sorts of fittings because the fittings need to be exact. If one of the pipes is snipped in the wrong way, you can expect to get leaks. The last thing you want is an emergency plumbing situation on your hands. The other tool you’ll need is a crimping tool to attach the pieces together. Lastly, a tape measure will be useful for making the cuts. It isn’t required, but it helps. One big tip that’s a lot different than how plumbing used to be done is that instead of using copper tips, you use plastic fittings. The reasoning behind this is that it has more flex in it. If a copper fitting is pulled in too many directions, it will just undo itself.

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