How Long Have You Lived in Your Home?

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The leaves are falling. The Halloween costumes and decorations are being put way for another year. The temptation to skip over Thanksgiving and move right on to Christmas is intense. Before you move any closer to the winter months and the colder temperatures, however, it is important to make sure that you have done everything you can to winterize your home and prepare for the threats of cold weather, heavy snows, and dangerous ice. And while many homeowners live in homes with many new upgrades, an increasing number of homeowners live in houses that might benefit from attention to siding, windows, and roofs.
Did you know that, on average, homeowners will spend between 1% and 4% of a home?s value annually on maintenance and repairs? The trick of course is staying ahead of the curve and repairing or replacing the items that need attention. Waiting too long, of course, can lead to further damage and even more repair expenses. The most diligent homeowners understand that the need for repair and replacement work tends to increase as a house ages. For a $200,000 home, for example, even a well maintained home can need as much as $2,000 in repairs a year. As a home ages, however, those repair and replacement costs will likely increase. Consider some of the following major expenses that many homeowners invest in to keep their home in excellent condition.
Is Your Roof in Need of Replacement or Repair?
One of the most pressing projects that many homeowners face is dealing with a roof in need of replacement. Whole roof replacement can involve a substantial financial investment as well as an extended period of time. Homeowners who find their roof in need of replacement as the result of a major wind or hail storm face the added struggle of getting the needed work scheduled. The weeks, months, and sometimes years, after a major storm comes through an area can find roofing repair and maintenance teams very busy. Navigating the insurance settlements as well as getting the work scheduled can be a challenging process.
Fortunately, many times a roof in need of replacement can involve an upgrade to sustainable materials that are virtually maintenance free, with warranties that last from 50 to 100 years. The roof repair or replacement process also often involves soffit and trim work, as well as gutter installation. Properly jung and correctly positioned downspouts, for instance, can mean a project that will successfully remove water from the base of the home and avoid future foundation problems.
Is Your Home in Need of New Windows?
Did you know that new windows can lower your energy bills? In some parts of the country, in fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that homeowners can save up to $501 a year by replacing old single-pane windows with new Energy Star approved models. Although a costly upgrade, the decision to replace leaking windows with newer more energy efficient window options can provide immediate savings. The problem with old single windows is that they let the cold air in during the winter months, and they let the hot air in during the summer months. Double paned windows, on the other hand, provide a real barrier year round.
In addition to selecting the best windows, professional installation is essential.
Is Your Home in Need of Siding Replacement?
New siding installation is another major expense for many homeowners. The newest kinds of siding, however, are more weather resistant and are often made of maintenance free materials that come with lengthy warranties. In some parts of the country, homeowners select vinyl siding that does not ever need painting. Although this is one of the more expensive options, many homeowners make this selection for the long term benefits.
Local contractors often can make the best recommendations about what kind of siding products work best in the various parts of the country. A siding investment is an investment in the overall look of your home.
No home repair project is easy or inexpensive. If, however, the projects are scheduled over the course of many years, they are manageable. The fortunate homeowner can find him or her self staying ahead of many major problems and serious damage by addressing needed issues as they occur.

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