Have You Considered Hiring a Lawn Care Service for Your Home or Rental Properties?

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It is that time of year in the midwest and other locations in the country when many homeowners and property managers are still mowing the yard. Although the temperatures have started to cool off and the grass is not really growing anymore, the need for mowing the yard at least once a week is an attempt to pick up or mulch leaves though, instead of cutting the grass. In their frustration to keep their yards looking neat and trim, in fact, some homeowners find themselves getting the mower out every day or two just to pick the autumn mess created by leaves that just a few weeks ago were colorful and vibrant. And while some parts of the country are dealing with leaves, homeowners and property owners across America are deciding that it is worth their money to hire a lawn care service to deal with these and other tasks.
From Tree Trimming to Lawn Mowing, Lawn Care Services Can Make Property Maintenance More Manageable
Lawn care and landscape services can make home ownership and property management more enjoyable. While many homeowners think that they can easily take care of their own yards, the realization that the task is never really finished forces other homeowners to look for a better alternative. And while some people love to spend their entire weekend and a couple of evenings a week working on the yard and other other landscaping issues, the decision to hire a lawn service may allow you to spend more time with your family or enjoying other activities.
Weekly lawn care involves far more than just mowing the yard once a week. During the hottest months of the summer, in fact, the effort it takes to provide enough moisture to keep your lawn looking green also means that the grass may grow so much that you need to mow every three to four day. In addition to mowing, many homeowners also like the look of a home that is also edged. Add in the effort it takes to keep trees trimmed and bushes and landscaping looking nice, and the lawn care needs at many homes requires many hours a week. Add a new teenage driver to your home and soon the garage cannot even provide enough space for both the cars and all of the necessary lawn equipment.
Rental property owners also see the benefit of hiring a lawn and landscaping service to help maintain many of their properties. And while some property owners who rent single family homes expect their renters to take care of their own lawns, if the renter does not do a good job, it is the property owner who will eventually suffer the most.
Lawn care services that have one or two or even more large machines can make quick work of even the largest grassy areas. Arriving with team of workers, the lawn care service can provide mowing, edging, and landscape maintenance in a very short amount of time.
Lawn Care Also Requires Fertilizer Application and Other End of Season Attention
Following a detailed and disciplined lawn care schedule requires careful attention to the need for fertilizers, over seeding, aeration and other necessary details. The perfect timing of these application and services can make a significant difference in the health and appearance of yards, landscaping, and trees.
Did you know that professional looking landscaping can increase of your home or rental property value by as much as 12%? Furthermore, landscaping can increases a home?s resale value by as much as 14%. For investment purposes alone, it often makes good sense to make sure that your lawn is always looking its best. The fact that over 50% of homeowners are upgrading their outdoor spaces spend six or more hours there a week is another indicator of how valuable a nice looking outdoor space can be. Whether you use your yard for relaxing, gardening, or entertaining, the top three uses of most outdoor spaces, the decision to invest in the care of your yard often pays off huge dividends. A lawn service can mean less work for you and a better looking yard as well. More leaves are falling!

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