Benefits of Installing a Studio in Your Backyard for Additional Living and Working Spaces

Adding living space in your home allows room for more functional and storage space but it’s also a worthy investment as it can significantly increase the overall value of your property. A backyard studio is one of the most effective home additions you may want to consider due to its numerous advantages.

Essentially, a backyard studio is a small and often detached room built anywhere around the property, especially the backyard. This home addition can be used for different functions including artist studio, backyard office, playroom, workshop or even a decent granny home. They can be used for literally any function and they help to create an ideal working space away from the main house where you can easily focus without any distractions.

Here are good reasons why you may want to consider a backyard studio as a homeowner.

1. Multi-functional Space

The whole idea of home additions is essential to create ample working and living spaces for different applications. As mentioned above, you can have a backyard studio as your home office for increased productivity. Many people also transform use these spaces as a playroom and they often fill the necessary items for complete relaxation. It could be a great place to unwind after a busy day from work. Lastly, you can decide to add an extra living room or bedroom that serves as a guest house for your visitors.

2. Construction Cost

With increased innovative technologies of construction, owning a backyard office or studio is now easy and cost-effective. Affordable backyard studio is made possible with the use of pre-fabricated panels and eco-friendly material that not only reduces the construction cost but also cut down the building time by one third.

Also, the utility value of a prefab backyard studio exceeds the construction cost which makes it an ideal investment where you can expect to recoup the costs eventually.

3. Enhance Property Value

Home addition projects such as adding a porch, patio or swimming pool can considerably increase the overall value of your property. Creating quality additional living spaces will have a direct impact, especially if you’re looking to leverage on your home equity or securing loan for a house addition. However, the aspect of value addition doesn’t apply if the house is on sale.

4. Passive Income

Renting your backyard studio is one way of generating passive income. You can either choose the conventional tenant option and enjoy a steady monthly income or consider sprucing the space into a modern Airbnb rental for even more income. Whether you choose to have it as a detached office, workshop or a rental room, backyard studios can be a great way to improve your finances.

These are just some of the benefits you can expect from building a studio in your backyard. But to ensure you get the most out of it, there’re key considerations to make when building a backyard shed or studio.

  • Size, style and shape
  • Functionality
  • Budget
  • Position
  • Utilities

Above mentioned factors can help you plan and budget for an affordable backyard studio that complements your home and improve on the property value. So next time you think about modern backyard studios, unplug yourself from the conventional mindset of just adding more storage space for your items. These home additions can be used for multiple applications.

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