August 14, 2020
non toxic waterproof concrete sealer

Benefits of Organic Concrete Sealers Along with the Use of Additional Clean Painting Options

UPDATED 7/22/2020 Sealants are needed all throughout the home, but organic concrete sealer can be helpful with many different areas for healthy air quality and elimination of toxins. About 98% of residential basements face water damage at some point, making sealants essential to help with repair and prevention over time. Many different sealant and pain […]

Is Your Plumbing Causing You to Waste Water?

The condition of the plumbing in your home is important when it comes to saving money and water. Most people don’t recognize they even have a problem until it becomes obvious through either damage or increased bills. A faucet that is leaky that is dripping at a steady rate of a single drip per second […]

Value of the Bathroom Remodel and Kitchen Remodel for Your Home

Bathrooms are a great option for remodeling in any home, especially considering the value it plays as an investment. With a potential ROI of approximately 80% on the bathroom alone, it can help with the need to improve other rooms in your home later given the equity it can provide. A bathroom remodel is helpful […]

Winter Season Is Brutal On American Homes Staying Safe With Smart Gutter Installations In 2019

The cold season is all about preparation. Preparing your car for the snow, preparing your home for the increased energy output…it’s a lot. What happens when you add storms to the mix? As far as your roof and gutters are concerned, it’s a recipe for disaster. The winter season may be a time for holidays […]