Is Your Plumbing Causing You to Waste Water?

The condition of the plumbing in your home is important when it comes to saving money and water. Most people don’t recognize they even have a problem until it becomes obvious through either damage or increased bills. A faucet that is leaky that is dripping at a steady rate of a single drip per second has been known to waste over 3,000 gallons annually. That is the exact amount of water needed to provide clean water for over 180 showers. You don’t want to waste such an important resource as water, or your hard-earned money. Hire a plumber Sacramento to help maintain your plumbing year-round.

Understand What You Can Do on a Weekly Basis to Maintain Your Plumbing

It is paramount that you check the plumbing in your home on a weekly basis. This can keep things from becoming major plumbing emergencies. Of course, if you do have a major emergency you should shut the water off in connection with the problem and call an emergency plumber immediately. Otherwise, there are a few things you can do to prevent costly problems in the future.

Besides routine plumbing check-ups from a plumber Sacramento, you should also check your faucets. Are there signs of rusting? Rust can cause a big problem if gone undetected or repaired. You also need to check faucets for leaking. Just turn them on and watch for any water that may be leaking from valves or handles. Leaking from those areas is a sign that you could have pipe problems.

Did You Know Your Washer Has a Lint Trap?

Many people are unaware that washing machines have lint traps. When you clean lint traps for washers, this can prevent clogging of pipes. If you do not have a lint tray for your washer, chances are you have a newer appliance and there is an option for self-cleaning. This will safely flush any lint from the appliance and keep it, and your pipes, clean.

Check for Leaks

Leaks can come from many places including sinks and toilets. In order to keep your plumbing in great condition check for moisture along the sides of toilets and under sinks. As long as your plumbing remains leak free there is no need to worry. However, at the first sign of trouble you should call for plumbing help.

Uh oh, there’s a leak coming from beneath your toilet. While a small leak may not seem like a big deal, it is important to address every leak not matter how big or small. Contact a plumber Sacramento who can prevent bigger leak issues from costing you more than you can afford.

Water heaters should also remain leak free. The role of a water heater is actually quite crucial and since plumbers Sacramento provide water heater maintenance, you are guaranteed that it is kept functioning properly when you need it the most. It is always better to know the condition of expensive equipment that is used on a daily basis to keep your home safe and comfortable. Making sure your water heater continues to run smoothly is just another way to help maintain the plumbing in your home.

When Is the Last Time You Checked Any Drains?

Part of keeping plumbing in excellent condition is making sure that all drains work properly. Test shower and sink drains for sufficient drainage and speed. Watch for a full swirl as water goes down. If bubbles are present, it is a sure sign that the drain is draining slowly. Don’t wait until your drain is fully clogged, speak with a plumber Sacramento to keep your plumbing fully functional.

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