February 23, 2020

Beware of Residential Roofing Scams in Your Neighborhood Especially After Storms

If you’re in need of roof repair, be sure to contact residential roofers who are credible, experienced, and not criminals. Across the country, scammers posing as residential roofers are tricking people into paying high prices for either less than rudimentary repairs or no repairs at all. One homeowner’s sister was duped into paying over $2,000 […]

How Safe Is the Your Family’s Drinking Water?

This second full week in September when most parents are enjoying the fact that their children have returned to school, groups of parents in Flint, Michigan, continue to worry about the unsafe levels of lead int he water that their children are exposed to in the schools that they attend. Even though the federal emergency […]

Compressed Air Systems What To Look Out For

We rely upon our utilities for our daily needs. Everything from cooking to the laundry to even high-level manufacturing is dependent in one way or another on utilities. Some utilities we’re fairly familiar with. The main three are electricity, natural gas, and water. We see them on a regular basis on our utility bills, and […]

Preparing Your Home For Hurricane Season

Summer is coming to an end and that means that hurricane season is here. Those people who reside in the southern and coastal states begin preparing for hurricane season well before it hits. Proper preparation can reduce the negative effects of hurricane season. Hurricanes often bring large amounts rain and large speeds of wind. These […]