Wooden Fences Are The Way To Go

When window-shopping through the neighborhood for ideas on how to make your home stand out among the crowd identical shutters and red doors, do not forget to pay extra attention to the structure and quality of the yards and see if it would be possible to add a wooden gate in the entryway. Wooden entrance gates make any home feel more inviting and they dress up a yard with a sense of hominess, providing that feeling of comfort that everyone is looking to achieve when they are purchasing a house. Who wouldn’t want to raise their own family in a house with a yard accessible though such a grand entrance as wooden entrance gates?

Residential fencing can provide some more direct, tangible benefits as well. From pool enclosure to providing privacy for your family during outdoor gatherings, a wooden fence will give you the sense of personalized seclusion you desire in your new domicile. These fences will also up the safety of your yard, ensuring your ability to secure your children and your four-legged friends within eyesight and out of the dangerous street. There are, of course, many types of fences you can choose from, ranging from chain link to white picket, but we believe that a wooden fence with wooden entrance gates is the perfect addition to any backyard.

Installing a residential fence is much easier than one would believe. Many companies even offer the instillation as part of the fence-buying package, so you likely won’t even have to slave over the wood with hammer and nail in hand on a hot summer day. To make matters even better, installing a fence isn’t quite like adding an addition to your house in that you won’t even need a permit to begin construction around your yard (unless, of course, you are surrounding a swimming pool). A fence can be one of the easiest but most appealing additions you can make to your home.

Wooden fences are easy to keep up, needing only to be re-painted every two or three years to protect them from the elements. Installing a wooden fence is only an investment of time at the very beginning; once the fence is up and the yard is secured, you can keep your property in top shape for years to come with very minimal effort put towards upkeep. Who doesn’t love the idea of sitting out in their private yard and enjoying the home they have put so much into? While you can absolutely hire a professional service to re-paint your fences for you, it is an easy and cheap enough job to do by yourself and, if your children are so inclined, can make for an excellent experience of parent-child bonding as everyone works together and gets their hands and knees a bit dirty to restore the fence to its original pristine state.

Unlike metal fences that can be easily damaged and have sharp pieces of metal jutting out of them that can be dangerous for adventurous children or pets, a solidly built wooden fence offers none of these potential danger issues. Wooden entrance gates are significantly more visually appealing than a standard chain link fence as well. There’s something comforting about swinging open your big wooden gate and welcoming visitors into your big private yard, or closing it when you want to spend some time in peaceful isolation with your family. This entrance gate will always be the first part of the property that you interact with every time you arrive home. The gate will never fail to welcome you and provide you with that little extra comfort that you, as a homeowner, deserve. They will last you for years and always remind you that your home is something to be proud of.

When considering what type of fence you want to install around your yard, it is important to keep in mind all of your options. That being said, a wooden fence is likely going to be the option that edges out on top. The white picket fence American dream has moved on, and we have now made way for the wooden fence, a much more sturdy option for the modern homeowner looking to provide safety, security, and most of all, comfort.

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