Window Treatments From Decorative To Function And Anywhere In The Middle

Vertical blinds, shades, and curtains come in a variety of shapes and sizes as unique as you want them to be, or take the avenue of the common and go with simple shades. While some are a fashion statement, much like a combination of clothing, others serve as sunblock for self-proclaimed vampires, or a combination of both. However, many offer more than just a function of shade and privacy, which lends a hand to the United States estimate of shipments of window treatments to reach $3.1 billion by 2021.

Vertical blinds, shades and curtains can offer an opportunity to change your house decorations without having to completely change the color of your house. Why go through all the trouble painting walls when you can simply change the your vertical blinds, shades and curtains to something new and fresh? In fact, individuals between the ages of 18 and 29 responded to a question in 2018 and 15.88 percent of those individuals admitted that bought some form of window treatments in the past 12 months.

Not to mention the niche business of custom drapes, custom shades, custom shutters and custom blinds that further the agenda of turning your home into a unique sanctuary.

Obviously, vertical blinds, shades, curtains – they are all meant to block light in some capacity. But did you know it can improve your sleep? In fact, darker blinds block more light therefore mitigating any light that might shine in your face and get your body moving. These are none as “blackout shades.” This can be especially helpful for individuals with strange work schedules that require them to catch some sleep during the day.

And just as important, window treatments can actually save you some money on your bills. During the winter, if you buy draperies, they can reduce heat escaping your home by up to a whopping 10 percent! While that does not sound like much at first until you consider that every room installed with draperies can reduce it by 10 percent.

Regardless of how you choose your window treatments, it should be highly noted that they offer more than just fancy dressing for your home. The right window treatment can offer you better sleep, a better energy bill, and turn your home into a unique setting all at once.

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