Window Repair Tips

Have you ever had a window fail, either through pane breakage or a sash that has become compromised? Most of the time, contractors will say you need a complete window replacement. However, in this video, Tom Silva of Ask This Old House outlines how you can easily accomplish pane replacement and keep your ld sash, potentially saving you lots of money.

Most of the time, curtains cause window panes to crack or fog up because the heat accumulating during the day cannot properly escape.

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Instead of replacing the entire window, find a company to create a new double pane arrangement to replace the broken glass. To accomplish this repair by yourself, you must be able to take the window out of its fitting and then separate the sash from the panes.

Measure the window size and its thickness so the window company can manufacture the new panes. When the pane assembly arrives, remove the pane from its fitting and place it on the table. Carefully remove the sash and then lift out the pane. Before placing the new double pane in the sash, run silicone inside the joint so that the assembly will adhere. Place the panes back inside, then replace the sash moldings. After you have put the window in place, leave the window latched for several days so the assembly will set properly.

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