When’s The Last Time You Checked Your Air Conditioning Unit? You Could Be Spending Excess Money

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The weather’s getting warmer, so you know what that means — it’s time to beef up your air conditioning unit and get it in working shape for the rough seasons! Nothing’s worse than getting off a long shift or your afternoon college classes only to step into a muggy and smelly living room, which is nothing to say of allergy sufferers or those who own pets. When it comes to air conditioning services, a simple check-up will go a long way in identifying problems and saving you money on your energy bill. You can even learn how to maintain your air conditioning unit yourself! Let’s take a look at boiler installation and air conditioning costs.

Heating And Cooling

Did you know that heating and cooling appliances account for nearly half of all the energy use in a typical American home? That’s quite a hefty sum! Air conditioners cost American homeowners well over $11 billion every year, though regular maintenance can not only see your appliance running more smoothly but can reduce your energy costs. The most common heating fuel is natural gas — used in nearly 60% of American homes — and many gas furnaces are still being purchased every day.

Furnaces And Boilers

Now how about your average boiler? Furnaces can last an average of 15 to 18 years, with boilers reaching a solid 30 at the best of times. Although two-thirds of all American homes have at least one air conditioner, the most common heating fuel is natural gas still. Furnace repair is highly specialized, however, and it’s not recommended you handle any in-depth problems yourself. Choosing a contractor is as simple as opening up your local directory and reviewing their rates.

Maintenance And Repair

While it can sound difficult keeping up on the proverbial health of your air conditioning unit, it’s rather simple and can save you a lot of money in the long run. Switching to high-efficiency air conditioners, as well as taking other preemptive actions, can see your energy usage reduced by a whopping 50%! Traditional duct work has cooling losses as high as 40% and account for an average of 30% energy consumption costs in larger spaces. This can be averted with the installation of ductless mini split cooling systems.

Common Issues

You know the dust that accumulates in woolly chunks over your air conditioning unit? Take it off! Not only can this affect the efficiency of your unit, it can send up a kick of dust and mold into your house and aggravate pre-existing allergy or lung conditions. If you notice any frayed wires call a professional immediately to avoid risk of fire or electrocution. A little goes a long way and nowhere is that more clear than being conscientious concerning your residential boilers and air conditioning units.

Your Air Conditioning Unit

From blisteringly hot springs and summers to freezing winters, your heating and cooling device is essential in maintaining a healthy temperature and keeping you comfortable throughout the year. Calling for a routine check-up will help immensely with pinpointing problems and keeping your machine working when you need it most. While it’s helpful to do a little cleaning here and there, make sure to contact a professional if it’s anything particularly serious. When the rains stop and the sun shines every day of the week, keeping your air conditioning unit healthy should be high on your priority list!

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