What’s the Two Best Things You Can Do to Lengthen the Life of Your AC Unit?

Emergency air conditioner service

If you don’t want to need emergency air conditioner services this summer, you’ll need to get serious about two things: regular maintenance and troubleshooting problems. It is estimated that about two-thirds of people have a home air conditioner, yet it is likely that very few of those homes know what to do if they run into problems with the air conditioner not working. If you’re one of them, read below for a few tips on how to keep your air conditioner running smoothly.

Regular Maintenance Keeps You From Having Emergency Air Conditioner Service.

It is recommended that efficiently operating machines can benefit from being serviced twice a year. During these inspections, the technician will look at the outside area where the unit is stored, and its inner workings. The great part about these checks is that they’ll be able to tell when a component is on its way out. Preventative measures help keep you out of an emergency situation.

Here’s What to Expect on an Inspection.

Firstly, nothing should be too close to the machine such as branches, shrubs, walls, or other debris. The technician will also check for leaks. Next they’ll take a look inside the machine. The unit will probably need a good flush, as well as a filter change. The tech will examine the hoses, caps, and belts for cracks or leaks. They’ll check that the electrical components are firing properly and do not show undue signs of wear and tear.

If You Want Your A.C. Unit to Last Longer, Schedule Regular Maintenance.

Your system can last 40% longer with regular inspections then the average unit that does not receive scheduled air conditioning maintenance. A technician can ensure that worn out components are being replaced as-needed, which means the unit won’t be put undue stress during operation. It is when these units are not serviced that you’ll find yourself calling emergency air conditioner services to fix a broken air conditioner, which will likely be caused from broken-down parts.

Before You Call the Emergency Air Conditioner Service, You’d Better Try Troubleshooting the AC.

If you have no A.C. one hot afternoon, don’t fret. There’s a good chance you can try to troubleshoot the problem without resorting right away to emergency air conditioning services. First, turn the A.C. unit off for a few minutes before trying to restart it. Every electrical device can benefit from this simple trick.

If this doesn’t work, check the outside of the air conditioner for leaks.

Take a look around the outside of the unit. Leaks are bad, and outside your purview. If there aren’t any liquids coming from the unit, it’s time to take a look at the electrical components. Check your main electrical panel to see if a circuit breaker was tripped, and flip it back to “ON” if it was. Next, see if you need to replace a fuse. Try to again restart the machine. If it restarts, it might have simply been a minor electrical issue. If it doesn’t restart, you’ll need to contact a technician and set up an appointment.

It’s simply no fun to have your air conditioner stop working on a hot day. While there are a few things you can do to try and get it working again, these are short term solutions. If the unit doesn’t respond, you’ll need to call for emergency air conditioner service. Don’t let it come to this step. Instead, take the time today to set up a regular maintenance schedule for your unit. This simple move will help you catch any wear and tear to the machine.This might mean such things as worn-down components like a clogged filter, a cracked belt, or a broken valve.

These can become big problems that shut down the unit. It’s better to be proactive about repair issues by making regular performance checks a priority. After all, they can even lengthen the life of your machine. Don’t let your air conditioner break down from neglect. Schedule a maintenance check today, so that you can enjoy cool indoor air for a long while.

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