What to Do When You Need to Relocate

Cost of relocating

Amazingly, the corporate relocation industry in the United States is worth $25 billion. Typically, about a third of all businesses who rent work space move every year. There are a number of relocation assistance programs and opportunities, including office relocation services and relocation packages.

Since 2010, corporate moves have increased by about 30 percent. In 2013, the average company spent about $16,000 to relocate, though the cost of relocating is different dependent on city, size of business, and exactly what is transported from location to location.

Many businesses engage in relocation package negotiations. Companies can talk about relocation package negotiations with relocation companies, and sometimes get some great deals. Sometimes companies need to relocate employees, especially when transferring employees across branches in a multi-state company.

A little over a third of Americans move because they have been newly hired. Because work is such an important part of life, many people choose their living place based around where they can work. Sometimes companies move from one state to another, and sometimes people have to move to stay working so they can earn a paycheck and afford to live.

At the end of the day, businesses and people both relocate fairly regularly. With the help of a moving company, a relocation can be made a lot easier, both for people and businesses. Additionally, real estate agents can help find suitable locations for people to live or businesses to work. Altogether, a move is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

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