What to Do if You Have a Sewer Line that Needs Replacing on Your Property

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As homeowners, when we find out that we have a sewer or a drain line that needs repair or replacing it can be hard on us, even if we have insurance. The truth is, however that sewer lines are probably one of the most common issue that plumbers encounter. Whether it be unclogging drains that range anywhere from simple to severe to replacing the entire drain to sewer line repairs, sewers can cause quite an uproar among homeowners and business owners because of the hassle they present.

In the past 10 years technology has come along way as far as sewer drain replacement is concerned trenchless sewer line repair has become the common way of doing things. In this article we will go over the types of trenchless pipe repair that can be done as well as trenchless sewer line replacement costs.

Trenchless pipe repair can be categorized as pipelining and pipe bursting.

Pipe Lining
Pipe lining is when a balloon is put inside the damaged pipe covered in resin and then cured in place. When the curing process is complete, after about 2 to 6 hours, the balloon it is then taken out and the resin will have basically created a new pipe inside of the old one. This usually requires only one hole to be dug in order to place the new pipe and the whole process can be done in half a day.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is the other trenchless method. This method usually requires digging a hole at either end of the pipe that is being replaced. The new pipe will be pulled through causing the old pipe to be crushed using very strong machinery.


  1. No need to dig up landscaping and driveways to replace pipes anymore
  2. 50 year life expectancy
  3. New pipe material is resistant to corrosion and root intrusion because of being seamless.
  4. Trenchless equipment could also be used on gas and water line replacements.
  5. Whole process takes a maximum of a few days instead of a few months.


  1. It is not a fix all method, there are some cases where the trenchless method does not work.
  2. If not done correctly, major issues will incur.
  3. Trenchless sewer line replacement cost can be higher than traditional methods.

However, most of these disadvantages can be overcome such as ensuring that the right team is being hired to perform the repair and although trenchless sewer line replacement costs can be higher, research shows that most homeowners are willing to pay a little more not to have their landscape ripped up.

Trenchless sewer line replacement costs
All trenchless sewer line replacement costs do vary depending on the company they can cost an average of the following:

Leak or clog ? $2600
Water main repair – $1050
Sewer replacement including public lines ? between $7000 and $25,000.
New pipe installation in your home – between $3500 and $20,000

This gives you an idea of how much things will cost but even though they are a little more expensive it will save the foundation of your home, your garden and surrounding property as well as any expensive flooring that you might have.

The truth is, whether you decide on traditional trenching or the trenchless method, the decision will be based on where you live and the cost of doing the work. Do not feel obligated to go either direction. If there is a problem with sewers around your home but the city is not responsible, try petitioning neighbors to help with the costs. You may be surprised to see how many people are willing to pitch in just to avoid all the construction and hassle that sewer replacement can bring with it. At times, the city will offer grants or help of some sort to those who qualify in order to help get this kind of thing done as quickly as possible when need be. Contact your local office and see what kind of options are available to you.

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