What Do American Homeowners Look For When Renovating Their Home?

Commercial roofing repair

Your home is your castle. Every day you pay your energy bills, clean up your kitchen and work to carefully maintain the space that keeps you safe every time you lay your head down to sleep. However, there exists a commonly neglected feature of most homes that can mean the difference between a safe house and a potential waste of money. Replacement windows, as well as a compatible roof, can mean the difference between a strong foundation and a weak home that regularly wastes energy and puts you at risk for a high bill or regular check-ups. Let’s look at some of the most common missteps many homeowners make and how you can avoid them with a proactive attitude.

Housing Installation And Inspection

Rain or shine, there are always people in America that need assistance with maintaining and improving their home. It’s estimated there are over 50,000 establishments all across the country that routinely engage in installation, roofing, siding, sheet metal work and yard work. While do-it-yourself projects are a worthwhile option for those trying to save money, contacting a professional with years of experience under their belt can save you the trouble of backtracking when you have an installation that needs completing immediately. Consider replacing your windows or adjusting your roof, for example, if you need to save money as soon as possible and don’t have time to open up a how-to book.

Replacement Windows

Strong windows are an absolute necessity for homes that want to keep out the cold, keep in the heat and discourage potential break-ins. Not only can state-of-the-art replacement windows keep you safe, they can give you a higher return on your investment if you find yourself moving out. A recent survey found that the average window replacement has an ROI of at least 78%, which is nothing to say of accompanying factors like your floor, exterior landscaping or commercial roofing. If you find yourself calling for replacement windows, see if you can’t get residential roofing repair, as well.

Commercial Roofing

Did you know that over half of all homeowners say they would choose new roofing materials if it meant little to no maintenance in the long-term? Keeping up with your home is hard work and nowhere is that more evident than your roof, a vital component in protecting you from the elements and keeping you safe and warm. Although asphalt is a common component, it requires re-roofing every 12 to 20 years and is far weaker than alternate materials that are being brought onto the market. Recycled steel roofing is known for being both durable and affordable, while solar panels are fast becoming the go-to option for homeowners who want to save money and reduce strain on the environment.

Improving Your Home

A recent survey found that the majority of homeowners view the exterior of their home as a separate entity, rather than being the mere sum of the entire part that is a strong home foundation. On the whole? Homeowners spend anywhere from 1% to 4% of their home’s value annually on maintenance. What you consider a value for your home lies in your goals for the future — are you trying to save money or do you want to be safe at night? Are you trying to increase the value of your home or do you want to help the environment? Ask yourself these questions today, to better give your house the makeover it needs and your wallet the break it deserves.

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