What Are the Health Benefits of Hot Tubs and Spas?

Hot tubs and spas rockville

Hot tubs conjure up images of luxury, of sipping Chardonnay while soaking in a jacuzzi, under a starlit winter sky after a hard day on the ski slopes. Hot tubs and spas are certainly relaxing and therapeutic, but they’re also surprisingly affordable. Having a hot tub at home can have medical and health benefits, especially for people suffering from arthritic and lower back pain. Hot tubs also add a decorative element to your outdoor living spaces.

Medical and health benefits
The art of hydrotherapy has been practiced for thousand of years, by cultures around the world. Since ancient times, naturally occurring hot springs became spas and religious centers, and people came from near and far to lie in the hearing waters. Hydrotherapy has a range of health benefits.
The hot water improves circulation of the blood, and provides stress and pain relief. For difficult-to-treat chronic pain like lower back pain and arthritis, it provides a pleasant and healing treatment. Hot tubs and spas can be used just to relax or to spend time with family and friends.

Home spas and hot tubs
For all of these reasons, many people take the plunge and decide to invest in hot tubs and spas at home. About 7.3 million hot tubs have been installed in homes across the U.S., according to a study from Pool and Spa Marketing. Most people who have installed hot tubs do so for their health. About 89.3% use their hot tubs to relax and unwind.
With proper service and maintenance, a hot tub can last for up to 20 years. Hot tubs and spas can also become part of the outdoor design and entertainment features of your home. A professional hot tub service will have suggestions for how to incorporate hot tubs and spas into the plan of your garden, to harmonize with patios, greenhouses, decks and the view.

Choosing the right hot tub
There are a number of practical and aesthetic choices to be made in the selection of your home spa. There is a whole range of choices and designs available, including in-ground and above ground models. When picking the right models, dimensions, materials used and even seating are options to be considered.
Choosing the number and types of jets, filtration systems and covers can all help to find the model that’s just right for your home and your purposes. Manufacturers warranties should cover the shell and surfaces as well as the pump, heater, and controls. With proper service and maintenance, your hot tub can last for a long time.

Hot tubs and spas can bring the benefits of the ancient art of hydrotherapy to your own deck, backyard or patio. They also add to the design and entertainment features of your outdoor living spaces. Even if you haven’t gone skiing, you can enjoy the contrast between the comfort of a hot tub and a frosty winter night, in your own backyard.

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