What Are The Best Aging Wood Techniques For Pallets?

With all the increased focus and attention being given today on sustainability and green practices, the idea of reclaiming materials and using them for a secondary purpose has become more popular than ever. One item that can easily be reclaimed and reused is old wooden pallets. Whether they have been slightly damaged or simply abandoned and no longer used, the wood panels on these pallets can be used for all manner of crafting projects. And in this YouTube video, you will see how to take fairly new looking wood panels and age them to give an antique and distressed look for your crafting and construction projects.

There are numerous ways to make new wood look old, and you can get some really cool and interesting effects depending on the wood you are starting with and what method you use.

Video Source

In this video, you will see some tried-and-true techniques demonstrated for you, and a few variations and experiments that can help make it easier to emulate an antique and weathered board look with new pine pallets. So, be sure to check out the video for yourself and get your pallets and supplies and get ready to create something amazing!.

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