Walk in Bathtub

Walk in tub

When someone has a medical condition that limits their mobility they can lower the risk for falling when getting in and out of the tub by using a walk in bathtub. A walk in bathtub makes taking a bath or shower much easier so people can maintain their independence. People who have trouble with balance also benefit most by having a walk in tub installed in their home. Walk in tubs can be retrofitted in any size bathroom. Walk in bathtubs can even be installed in a corner in your bathroom so if you have as mall bathroom, don’t rule one out.Of course, a walk in bathtub can be built into a new home as it is being built as well.

The only problem with a walk in bathtub is the expense. These tubs are really expensive but when you consider the safety value and convenience that they add to a senior citizen or someone who is disabled you quickly see how they are worth it. The walk in bathtub has a door that opens in towards the tub or outwards towards the room. These tubs are excellent for people to use who can’t lift their foot very high to get into a regular bath tub as there is a low threshold to walk over. A walk in tub also has a built in seat so you don’t have to get all the way down, which is great for people who have trouble with laying down in a traditional tub to take a bath. This feature also helps to prevent falls.

Walk in bathtubs can also have built in showers in them for the times you would rather take a shower. Of course, you can still use the built in seat if you are not able to stand and take a shower. Walk in bathtub options vary, depending on the manufacturer. They also offer various color choices as well.

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