Top Electrician Hammers

This video lists some of the best electrician hammers for purchase. A good hammer can make a significant difference in the speed and quality of your work.

The first option is the Estwing E165, with a genuine leather grip and polished head and face. Although beautiful, it is still equipped to handle all types of work situations.

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However, the nose is a little wider than others. So, keep this in mind for your projects. The second hammer is the Vaughan E18F. This hammer has an 18- ounce head for efficient nail driving and a rubber grip for control. The handle is also made of fiberglass to absorb vibrations. This hammer is a bit on the heavy side. Last hammer option to discuss is the Estwing E3-165, which is actually one piece of solid steel. This means there is no chance of the head coming loose from the neck. This hammer comes in multiple size options and has one of the most affordable price tags.

When looking for nice electrician hammers, make sure to consider the feel of the grip, the weight, and the head size. Additionally, try to find one that you will be comfortable using for many hours.

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