Tips for Water Based Staining

Water based stain is a low VOC paint, one of the non-flammable paints, and easy to use for all your interior staining needs. These tips for water based staining will help you get great results for all your woodworking projects and wood refinishing project needs.

Before You Start Staining

Many people choose water based staining for their interior wood refinishing projects because it dries fast and it is safer than oil based stains. How you start your project will determine the success of your project. Before you get started decide if you will be using a brush or a rag and make sure you have your tools ready.

One of the most important steps in the project is to ensure that you stir the contents of the stain really well. The pigments will settle to the bottom of the can during storage. Stir the can vigorously to ensure you distribute the pigments evenly.

Divide and Conquer

Divide your large project into smaller sections to make the project go easier. For example, if you are working on a dresser, do the top section first, then move to the sides, then do each dresser draw individually. Sectioning off the project will make it easier to work quickly and get the job done.

Don’t Forget This Part

No matter what you are using to apply the stain you will need a cloth to wipe the excess away. As you apply each coat of stain, you need to wipe away the excess in between coats. Wiping away the excess will reveal if you have missed any spots. Stain is not like paint. You do not just apply it and let it dry. You want it to soak into the wood, wiping between coats will ensure you do not miss a spot and the stain is being soaked up.

No Buffing Necessary

Water based staining does not require that you buff between coats. Some oils and gels do require that you buff between coats, but not water based staining. Simply apply the coat, wipe and repeat until you get the color desired.

Finally, clean up is a breeze with water based stains. Just wash your rag, brush, or foam applicator in These tips will help you to get great results using easy to use water based stain.

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