Three Tips for Picking Out Dining Room Furniture that Makes Guests Go “Wow”

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Did you know that dining rooms did not become popular among the common people of Europe until the 13th century? When you are decorating and adding to your home, you are building upon design legacies hundreds of years old! In order to give these modern relics of human history their proper display and care, here are three of our tips for decorating and arranging your dining room.

1. Dining Room Ceiling Lights

An easy way to add visual interest to your dining room is with unique dining room lighting options. One idea is to invest in an interesting chandelier. To elongate the appearance of the room, have lights drop down above the entire length of the table. To avoid this looking too heavy, go for simpler light designs. Electric wall sconces can also be a good addition to dining room lighting, since they can help illuminate your favorite spots and also create that “cozy” feeling.

2. Area Rugs for Dining Rooms

Did you know that the oldest surviving pile carpet is the Pazyryk carpet, dating to the 5th century B.C.? Many people opt for a rug beneath their dining room table. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are choosing a rug. Size matters! A good sized dining room area rug extends at least two feet beyond the table. Not only does this help visually frame the space, but it also allows room for chairs to pull out without getting caught on the ridge. If you don’t plan on centering your table, choose a rug with an organic pattern and no borders so that the eye cannot pick up on the lack of a center.

3. Dining Room Furniture Sets

You could argue that the furniture set is easily one of the most important parts of the dining room, because it is the focal point. Look for a set that will fit in your budget, stand the test of time, and provide comfortable seating for your guests. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your table. Shape, color, and style can really set this apart as a “wow” piece. For a more modern take, choose square tables over rectangular. Chairs can similarly be classic or more contemporary, with intricate backboard designs becoming more popular.

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