Thinking About a Tub-to-Shower Conversion? Here’s Why It’s a Good Idea

If you live in an older house, you may have a traditional tub and shower combo that is too small and impractical. And you’re not alone — in fact, 87% of homeowners who are remodeling their bathrooms are choosing to update their shower. While these tub and shower combos were once popular, more and more people are choosing to instead convert tubs to showers. These bathroom upgrades can offer a variety of benefits to homeowners. Let’s see if choosing to convert tubs to showers is right for you.

More floor space: Tubs generally take up a lot of room in a bathroom while at the same time providing inadequate space to actually lay in the tub to take a bath. But without a full-on tub in the bathroom, you’ll have more space for remodeling. Many homeowners opt instead for a sleek and spacious shower that not only provides more actual bathing room but can also make the bathroom feel more open. Without a tub in the way, you can add more countertop space or simply leave the floorplan more open. Either way, you’ll enjoy the added space.

Increased safety: Many people, especially elderly folk, can have difficulties stepping in and out of a tub. This is especially true with sloped tub walls and slippery surfaces. Without having to step over the wall of the tub, everyone in the house can shower more safely. If you’re planning on staying in your house throughout retirement, it can be beneficial to consider your options for bathroom design when it comes to showering so you can choose the safest option now. Your whole family will enjoy not having to frantically leap over the tub wall when they’re running late or almost trip when they’re still half asleep trying to get ready in the morning.

Easier to keep clean: One of the biggest problems with tubs is how difficult they are to clean and keep clean. With tub walls, it can be really hard to reach in a fully clean the entire area. Additionally, grime can easily hide in hard-to-reach places. And of course, shower curtains have to continuously be replaced because they get dirty easily. But without a tub wall and a glass shower door, cleaning will be a breeze. So not only will your new shower look nicer, but you can keep it clean with ease.

If you’ve been thinking about choosing to convert tubs to showers, now is the time to do it. Your bathroom will be safer, easier to clean, and provide more comfort for the whole family.

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