The Roof Over Your Head — How Your Roof Protects Your Wallet

Solar consultation

If you’re in the market for a new roof, or are looking for a roofing contractor to perform some work on your home this renovation season, you’re in luck! Never have there been so many options and choices readily available for quality roofing than there are today. You’re also lucky in that the marketplace has never had roofing figured out so thoroughly as it does now, meaning that the products and services you are able to receive today absolutely blow away the deals of yesterday.

While most of us probably think the main reason to have a roofing job performed would be to simply spruce up the look of a home or add aesthetic value of some kind, there are tons of practical reasons, too. To begin with, not only will you be making your home look a lot better when you seek the services of a roofing contractor, but your home will be much more cost-efficient — meaning the energy bill won’t take such a huge bite out of your wallet every month.

That’s not speculation, either. Simply installing a reflective metal roof designed to reflect, as opposed to absorb the sun’s energy, can save a home 40% of its cooling and energy costs in the summer months. The reflective nature of some of the materials and pigments used in some roofing setups can cool off the surrounding urban air by up to 12%, studies have shown.

Experts are divided over exactly how much savings one can generate by having their roof treated, though it is generally agreed upon that simply choosing the right types of roofing materials for your home can net you a 30% decrease in energy costs. Roof repair is one of several types of construction projects which offer not only an aesthetic benefit, but a practical one as well. Another growing trend among those looking to save on home energy costs is solar energy — installation of solar panels in one’s home can save them $84 or more per month in heating and cooling costs.

Consider contacting a roofing contractor today if you feel that you could use the savings on your energy bill, or would like to have a fresh look to your home. Home construction contractors, like roofers, are very easy to find and are available nearly anywhere houses stand!

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