The Importance of Gutter Cleaning and Care


One of the most disregarded parts of any home is the gutter system. That’s because people don’t understand how important gutters are until they require a serious cleaning or replacement. Every homeowner needs to have a gutter company on their contact list in order to maintain them in top shape and ensure no part of their house suffers from the consequences of a clogged gutter.

Whether you have chrome gutters or direct flow gutters, you should know what it takes to keep them obstruction-free, and that it’s much better to call a professional than try to clean them yourself. Anything that has to do with up-keeping the upper structure of your house should only be handled by experts with the right safety equipment.

People who try to use a ladder and any tool available to clean their continuous gutter wedge may be risking their lives but also damaging the material. Someone with experience in gutter cleaning will tell you to get a gutter saver, which is a brush that can be installed to prevent leaves and other debris from accumulating in an area. Therefore, get an inspection and cleaning from a real company and follow their advice afterward. Let’s find out more about the importance of gutter cleaning and care.

Updated 3/30/22

Gutter Cleaning
As part of your home maintenance, consider having a gutter cleaning routine. Negligence in gutter cleaning may result in many problems such as leakages and dampness in your home.

Benefits of Gutter Cleaning

(I) Protect Your Roof
When you clean your gutters and use the best gutter guards, you will be protecting your roof from ice buildup during winter which may strain and destroy the shingles.

(ii) Avoid Damage in Your Home
Damaged gutters may start leaking dirty water through the ceiling, causing mold in your home, which may cause respiratory infections and allergies in babies and elderly people. This is why you need to look for a good company offering roof gutter cleaning services in your area.

(iii) Prevent Basement Flooding
When you have blocked gutters, the water will start leaking out and start flooding your home’s basement area. As time goes by, this water will start to seep through the house foundation.

Gutter cleaning is a significant part of your house maintenance and you should have it done by a better cleaning company. You can check the standard price for gutter cleaning or ask for gutter cleaning recommendations.

Gutter cleaning is an important job, and should be done at least twice a year. An inch of rainfall doesn’t sound like much. But when it falls on an average size roof, it adds up to a 1,900-gallon torrent sluicing off the eaves. Preventing serious blockages in your gutters is simply a matter of cleaning your gutters and downspouts semiannually.

A typical 5 inch K style gutter comes with two x three inch downspouts. A larger residential gutter system would consist of six inch K style gutter using a three x four inch downspout. In general, K style gutters have twice the capacity of their half round cousins of the same width, and cost up to 50% more per linear foot. You need one downspout for about every 30 to 40 linear feet of gutter. To increase the capacity of your gutter system, add more downspouts. Downspouts come as either round or square, in widths from three to six inches. The most common sizes are rectangular: two inches by three inches or three inches by four inches.

Most residential gutters are made of either aluminum, steel, zinc, vinyl, or copper in a standard “K” style. Aluminum gutters are available in seamless or in sections held together with rivets or screws and sealed with caulk. Lightweight (.025 inch thick) and medium-weight (.027 inch) aluminum are susceptible to denting and bending; heavyweight (.032 inch) aluminum lasts longer, about 25 years.

Galvanized steel gutters last 20 years or less. Zinc gutters have soldered seams,, but the process is more difficult than with copper. They last 30 to 50 years, depending on its proximity to saltwater. They are also vulnerable to acidic runoff from cedar shingled roofs.

Copper gutters never rust or need painting and should last 100 years in any climate. They are available in seamless or sections, and come in three weights: 16, 18, and 20 ounces. Seams should be soldered. They oxidize to a matte brown in a matter of months and change to blue green over decades.

As you can see, copper gutters last longer than the other kinds. The seamless gutters and downspouts made of copper should still be cleaned regularly. Gutter replacement may be necessary earlier if made of other metals. Find reputable local gutter cleaners to keep your seamless gutters working at their optimum level. Gutter repair and cleaning of your seamless gutters will be the best option for those who want less worry and more enjoyment of their home.

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