The Best Large Planters for Outside

Commercial planter

Landscaping is essential to the aesthetic appeal and health of a community. The California Energy Commission avers that properly planted flowers and trees reduce energy costs by up to 40% in residential areas, and few who have ever walked through a well-designed park have complained about its beauty. Large planters for outside are popular landscaping choices for business owners, homeowners, and public landscapers. They not only protect plants as they bloom and grow, but provide a visually appealing presentation.

There are a number of outdoor planters available made from a variety of materials, though no material is taking the industry by storm quite like resin. Large resin planters are quickly gaining popularity as a replacement for large planters for outside made from concrete, terracotta, stone, or fiberglass.

What’s So Special About Resin Outdoor Planters?

Across the industry, those who purchase large planters for outside made from other materials are plagued by corrosion, theft, defamation, maintenance, or some combination of those outcomes. They all have protective layers, like powder coatings, that only protect for so long. When those coatings are broken, environmental elements begin to eat away at the exposed surface, causing damage to the planter. Terracotta is especially susceptible to environmental hazards because of its porous nature which invites damage by salt from sea-air or road salt. Fiberglass and concrete suffer from similar drawbacks. Non-resin planters are also more likely to crack under the pressure of freezes and thaws.

Resin outdoor planters, on the other hand, stands up to environmental effects and is pliable enough to stand up in any winter climate. The lightweight, industrious material can replace any class of large planters for outside.

What to Plant in Your Large Resin Planters?

Almost any plan will do well in your planters. Tulips are a popular choice and were so popular in 17th century Holland that their bulbs were more valuable than gold. Snapdragons, thought to resemble dragons, are also frequent inhabitants of large planters for outside. The titan arums, the world’s largest flower, sounds like a good fit, thanks to its impressive 10 foot height and three foot girth, but it’s noticeably unpleasant smell prevents it from being a favorite.

Large planters for outside make an excellent addition to a landscaping plan, as long as the right materials and flowers are chosen. Opting for a durable material like resin and a pleasant selection of flowers will help you ensure that your landscaping is enjoyed and cost-effective.

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