Taking Care of Your Yard Waste, Recycling, and Composting for the Planet

Grand rapids waste disposal

This planet we live on is a beautiful one. Some say it is even a touch magical, this perfectly placed third rock from the sun. If you are paying attention, there are incredible things to be seen and experienced every time you turn around. But the price of progress and convenience has added up to be quite high. The way that we, as a species, have failed to care for the planet has led to overflowing landfills and oceans choking on islands made entirely of plastic and other waste. It is time for mankind to step up and make some changes.

Small steps that every person can take toward change

Most people generally learn from a young age that it is a good thing to take care of the planet and to do your part to make a difference. But at this point, many people are of the frame of mind that there is so little that each person can do, so why would anyone try? Generally, an individual is not going to see the effects of his or her own attempts at recycling, and when it comes to the waste that he or she creates, it is routinely vacated from their own personal space. People seem to have a difficult time envisioning things on a larger scale, or comprehending just what impact they can personally have.

However each and every person can make a difference, and should take steps to shift their lifestyle to incorporate changes that ultimately benefit the earth, and by inevitable extension, all of us who live here. If every single person commits to recycling, or buying products with little to no packaging or extra waste, this will add up to massive change. From proper disposal of yard waste to coordinating with your local recycling services, a big impact can begin with small changes in your daily life.

Commit to nurturing a healthier planet
If you think that one person cannot make a difference, think about this: over the course of the life of an average American, he or she will throw out 600 times the amount of his or her adult weight. That is an incredible amount of garbage for just one person to contribute to the landfills and to this beautiful world! Think of the difference that can be made if everyone made a conscious effort to create less waste.

Buying more products with less packaging is an important step, as is reusing your own shopping bags instead of stocking up on an endless supply of plastic bags. But there are many more ways that you can contribute to keeping the planet healthy. Knowing how to dispose of the waste you do create is crucial. If it seems like a major change, start with just a few types of waste and work your way up to sorting everything. For example, organic materials make up the biggest aspect of municipal solid waste. Paper and paper products add up to about 27%, while food and yard waste make up another 28%. Just about every community has yard waste removal services. More and more communities are implementing recycling programs. People are finding out more about composting and better ways to dispose of natural and organic materials. There are simple actions you can take.

From buying better to good yard waste disposal practices, the future can be up to us. Saving the planet is not just for hippies. It is for everyone who shares this wonderful world. Together we can all make a difference to get this spinning globe in a much better condition than it has been kept, and allow future generations to enjoy its majesty for years to come.

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