Roofing How Homeowners Overlook Some One of the Most Vital Elements of Their Home

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Remodeling the exterior of a home can be a daunting task, but a task that will inevitably add value and curb appeal to any home. Due to their location, roofs are perhaps the most overlooked aspect of any home exterior. Traditional asphalt shingled-roofs require regular maintenance every 12 years or so to reapply shingles that have been damaged or removed by weathering. Neglecting to maintain roofing can result in costly repairs and added expenses in the form of water damage, heating and cooling loss, and other fees. For this reason, many homeowners are looking for a lower maintenance roofing alternative to traditional shingles; here are some reasons why metal roofing companies are becoming the first choice for many homeowners looking to replace their roofs.


Metal roofing contractors typically use steel and aluminum
to produce metal roofing products, although other kinds of metal like copper and zinc can be used as well. Even the most expensive of metals cost an average of 30% less than the cheapest slate or tile roof.


Metal roofs are shown to be significantly more durable than similar roofing products; a metal roof will typically last around three to seven times longer than an asphalt shingled roof. Metal roofing contractors guarantee that specialized metal roofs can protect homes from major damage as it has a 140 mile per hour wind rating. Most metal roofs have an estimated lifespan of 50 years or longer with proper maintenance; some steel roofing is coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy that protects the roof with a lifespan that is expected to last up to 100 years.


Many Americans imagine a corrugated steel roof as the only option for a metal roof — this is far from the case. Metal roofs come in two general styles that include either vertical panels or interlocking shingles; there is a wide variety in appearances within each of these two styles. Although some may opt for the natural metal finish, modern metal roofs come in over 100 colors that include standard, premium, and customized colors to go with any home — by comparison asphalt shingles only have around 15 to 20 standard colors.


Metal roofs have already been shown to cost less than traditional roofing, but the savings only start there. With proper insulation, a metal roof is much better at maintaining indoor temperatures than asphalt shingles; this is why a metal roof can help save homeowners up to 25% off their home energy bill. Likewise, those looking to minimize their carbon footprint will be happy to know that metal roofs have anywhere from 30% to 60% recycled metal in their composition and are 100% recyclable at the end of their service lives. For those looking to find a more durable, affordable, and stylish roofing option, contact metal roofing contractors to schedule a consultation and determine what kind of metal roof is right for your home.

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