Reasons you Need a Standby Generator for your House

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Most homeowners will experience at least one power outage. A power outage can affect your ability to watch TV, work from home, or even make food. A single power outage can also cost you with lost food costs and the inability to go about your daily life. Standby generators are a valuable thing to have in your household for the following reasons.

Generators can save you money in the long run

If you are putting off the purchase of a generator because of the cost, consider the costs that are associated with power loss. You could lose hundreds of dollars in food items that have to be thrown out. If you lose the ability to work from home, you could lose another couple of hundred dollars. If the power goes out and your electronic items are not properly protected, you could be out another couple of thousand dollars. Standby generators protect you financially when the power goes out.

Generators can increase your comfort during a power outage

When the power goes out, you lose many of the comforts of home. Your air conditioning of heat might not work. You don?t have the ability to use fans or air conditioning units. You also might miss your favorite TV shows. If your phone is not charged, you also lose the ability to communicate. Power outages happen and they happen frequently. In the first six months of 2014, there were 130 reported grid outages. Standby generators can ensure that you are comfortable during an extended power outage. You might even have neighbors and family knocking on your door because you have power.

Generators can increase the safety during a power outage

Losing power for many hours can be dangerous, especially if you require electrical medical equipment. Also, when the power goes out, your alarm system may disable, opening your house up to intrusions. An emergency generator is important to your household if a power outage could mean losing the ability to take necessary medication or to protect your house. If you are getting generator installation for safety purposes, make sure you get the appropriate size.

The size of the generator you need can be easily determined by what you intend to supply power to. For a tailgate part where you are running a video system and perhaps some warming trays, you could get by with a generator that produces 1,000 watts. However, if you hope to run your household via generator during a power failure, you will need considerably more current. For exact size needs, work with generator installers. They will look at the size and power usage of your house and recommend based on these factors.

Generators can prevent a ruined event

Power outages can cause you to cancel previously planned events. What if you have an upcoming birthday party or retirement party? What if you had planned to throw a backyard wedding and all of the vendors are already paid for? Whole house generators can save the events by getting your power up and running. Just remember, it is crucial to take into consideration that at startup, many electrical devices need more current. Thus, the peak power rating of your generator should be higher than your calculated need. Most experts suggest a unit producing 4,000 peak watts or more four household application. However, you might require even more, depending on the size of your event.

Standby generators can be extremely beneficial to a household. Most household owners have experienced at least one power outage, and most have experienced multiple. A standby generator can protect you financially and can protect your upcoming planned event. An emergency generator can also increase the safety of your house, by ensuring that your medical equipment continues running and your alarm system works through the power outage. Purchasing a standby generator is a smart decision.

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